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How Apple’s iOS 15 Affects Digital Marketing?

July 22, 2021 | Wisitech InfoSolutions How Apple’s iOS 15 Affects Digital Marketing? Professionals are well aware of how the digital marketing industry is always evolving. Be it new updates by the digital media giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, or the marketing trends—We, the digital marketers at Wisitech have been dealing with the curveballs for over the past 22 years. The latest iOS features additions by Apple have left the digital marketers uneasy and it definitely affects the marketing strategies at large. Here’s what changes and how you can deal with it. Apple announced that iOS 15 will have multiple privacy settings for its users for a better user experience. They said, “This year, Intelligent Tracking Prevention is getting even stronger by also hiding the user’s IP address from trackers. This means they can’t utilize the user’s IP address as a unique identifier to connect their activity across websites and build a profile about them.” The new features are targeted to delight the users and soon Google or Microsoft are also expected to implement the same. However, in order to take care of the users, they are pivoting the marketers to a different situation where tracking users’ behaviors at large become next to impossible. No more mass-mailing!

The iOS 15 updates allow the native Mail app users to:

  • Prevent email marketers to track when or where users open an email.
  • Block marketers from collecting data from tracking pixels, hidden in mails.
  • Mask IP address. Therefore, the marketers won’t be able to track or link subscribers for any online activities.
  • Create alternate iCloud+ emails and filter whatever mails they get.
Email Marketing has been an integral part of all digital marketing activities for years. Ecommerce platforms mail their subscribers and buyers on a regular basis to share updates on the latest trends, new items, discounts, and deals. However, if we think about the user’s experience, no one enjoys the waves of unwanted emails in their inbox or the spam box. As marketers, we must address this distress as only happy digital media users can become happy customers.
Hide My Mail

1. Razor – Electronics Store BigCommerce Theme:

If you’re looking for a clean, sunny orange for your electronics store, this is the layout you’ll want to own. The colors are not too bright and easy on the eyes. There’s plenty of white space and neat little grid arrangements based on the Stencil framework. The front-end sits on the Foundation CSS Framework, said to be the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.

There’s customizable configuration with Ajax carts, wishlists, and comparisons. There’s support for Mega Menus – menu lists that cover a large number of product or category links. A convenient daily deals module allows you to micro-manage promotions. Complete with brand slider, static blocks, blog and newsletter modules, testimonials, product zooms, and the mercurial Ajax toolbar, you can, virtually, scale up features and user experience to infinity.

Of course, this theme is 100% device responsive, working equally well on browsers as varied as IE11, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Finally, there’s the rich documentation and immaculate customer support that makes implementation a breeze.

Mail Privacy Protection

iOS 15 update: “Mail Privacy Protection”

The Mail Privacy Protection feature, built into the stock Mail app, will block the use of tracking pixels entirely. Tracking pixels are the spies of the marketers allowing them to gather user behavior data for mobile, email, and web marketing. With this implemented, the marketers will not be able to track,
  • Operating system used by the users
  • What device the user is on, for example on mobile or desktop
  • Browser or mail program used by the users
  • User’s screen resolution
  • Time of activities like opening an email or visit a website
  • Activities on the website during a session
  • IP address and location of the user

What Does Apple Want To Achieve?

To overcome any obstacles we must first understand its reasons. Why did Apple suddenly decide to make the digital marketers miserable? Think like the users. Apple, Google or any other platforms are dependent on their users’ satisfaction. They will only focus on things that can make their customer base stronger and hence the privacy settings.

How The Latest iOS Updates Affect Online Experience?

With digital marketers’ lost sight, the marketing activities are bound to be random. Which means it is going to affect our online experience. We are used to seeing exactly those ads that are relevant to our needs. When you search for a thing in any apps you use, the search engines suddenly show ads for that particular object. With these new updates, we will not be getting such sneaky advertisements.

Whom Do The Latest Updates Affect?

  • Digital marketers
  • Digital Media users
  • Consumers
  • Ecommerce companies—especially the small businesses
These changes will mostly hurt small businesses, dependent on remarketing. Without the monetary backing to do wide-scale advertising, there will be a huge plummet in conversions and sales. This means that the even playing field will essentially be tipped in favor of businesses with big budgets.

How To Re-Calibrate Your Digital Marketing Strategies After The iOS Updates?

Digital marketing needs to be more focused and marketers must take a 360-degree analysis of the situation. Businesses are to,
  • Gather more first-party data
  • Focus on consent and have clear and concise opt-in practices in place.
  • Segment the mail-stream and separate the mail list into subgroups to learn how each target behaves.
  • Find new ways to adapt and engage with your audience other than emails and SMS. Solution: Social media.

With Wisitech, access the best in class guidance and services to help you create and maintain your eCommerce website amidst the ever-changing digital market. Contact us for a Free Consultation today!

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