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How Flutter Changed Mobile App Development Industry?

December 26, 2019 |

Creating a widget-based software development kit (SDK), Flutter has revolutionized the app development industry. Whether it’s a structural element (like a button or menu), a stylistic element (like a font or color scheme), an aspect of layout (like padding) – Flutter has got a widget for each. Wisitech, the leading Flutter app development company explains how this innovative technology is making a difference to the different aspects of app development as well as the user experience.

1. Cuts Time to Market (TTM)

Getting an edge over the competition is important if you really want to excel in the industry. No matter what you do, it’s important to be quick and agile to get a better hold of the market. For instance, if you own an app-based car rental company, and you are to roll out some benefits for drivers or users, which is unique in the market, you would like to get it rolled out faster so that you can connect with more drivers and customers. A delay in the app development project may dilute or ruin the purpose and benefits entailed. Presenting easy-to-use widgets Flutter speeds up the development, debugging, and delivery. flutter app development company

2. Reduces App Development Cost

Your audience are use Android and iOS both. If you have been worried about the app development cost for separate platforms, Flutter has got you covered. No need to build separate apps for the different mobile platforms. With a single codebase, target iOS and Android both user segment. Besides, Flutter has a 2D rendering engine, ready-made widgets, and development tools packed together that are required to design, build, test and debug apps. This complete package helps a Flutter app development agency to quickly fulfil the demands of their clients and at a competitive price.

3. Reduces Bugs and Errors

There is no place for a substandard product in a competitive economy. Flutter responds to the concern of quality conscious developers and users. Prototype and iterate easily. Experiment by changing code and reloading as your app runs (with hot reload). Fix crashes as and when they appeared and continue debugging from where the app left off. Therefore, flutter app development complements Agile software development methodology in the best possible way and helps with building a bug-free app.

4. Reduces App Weight or File Size

This is essential considering app-savvy users. An average user has 40 plus apps on their device. Apps with more file size end up occupying more space on their device memory besides lagging behind competitor’s app in terms of performance. Such apps find few takers. There is always a risk of them getting uninstalled and replaced with a lighter version. Flutter helps developers to perform more functions with less code without sacrificing the user experience.

5. Delivers Awesome User Experience

flutter app development services

Image Credit: Flutter

User experience is a key business differentiator in the digital world.  UI-UX designers and developers benefit from a rich set of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets built using Flutter’s own framework. Flutter allows developers to customize their app builds or apks according to the platform-specific scrolling behaviors, typography, icons, and more. Without the limitations of OEM widget sets, Flutter contributes in building custom Android and iOS apps.

6. Facilitates Quick Support

User behaviour and industry demands changes over the time. Technical issues are unpredictable. Opting for an open source framework like platform brings a huge advantage. Flutter encourages dialog with developers and contributors and responds to changes spontaneously. Anyone can join the Flutter community on Discord or Stack Overflow.

Ready to embrace marketplace changes with Flutter app development services? Comment your thoughts and experiences.

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