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How Much Flutter App Development Costs

September 14, 2020 | Wisitech InfoSolutions How much does it cost to develop a Flutter App? Wisitech, the leading Flutter App Development Company, has got the answer for you

Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit, has taken the mobile app development space by storm. Wondering about Flutter app development cost?

Here is a breakup of the app design and development processes, factors, and costs by Wisitech, a leading Flutter development company in India and the USA.

Flutter App Development Costs Lesser

If you wish to make a mobile presence for Android and iOS platforms simultaneously, nothing can be a better choice than Flutter. The SDK has become the favorite of every developer and flutter app development agency because a single codebase can be used for the applications of both the platforms. No need to code applications separately for Android and iOS. It saves time and efforts, and it’s also easier for the owners to maintain it.

Agencies offering Flutter development services benefit hugely by the Hot Reload Feature in Flutter that allows developers to see the output of their code immediately. All this, reduces the time and cost of development significantly. In many cases, Flutter app development agency quote half the price of a native Android or iOS app development. For a native iOS app, experienced iOS developers charge between $50 and $200 in the US, but for the development of a Flutter iOS app, you can hire experienced Flutter developers in the USA between $35 and 80. You almost save 30 percent for app for just one platform. The savings double if you need Android and iOS both apps.

Flutter App Development Cost Varies by App Category

App category makes a difference to the budget? Is it a travel app, music app, messaging app, restaurant app, car rental app, gaming app, news and media app, productivity app or something else?  The category defines what basic functionalities you need, how you can add more values to the user experience, and what you need to do to stand out in the marketplace. Every app category has its challenges, so what you pay for a travel app development will not work for building a messaging app like WhatsApp.

Flutter App Development Cost Varies by UI-UX Design

The front-end component that engages users and responds to their actions demands subtle attention. The kinds of animations, graphics, design complexity, interactivity you involve in the UI-UX design are taken into consideration in the Flutter app cost assessment. Do some competitor analysis to know what kind of design they have. Next brainstorm with your people. Make a list of design features and request a price quote from your Flutter development company. The hourly rate of UI-UX designers in the USA varies between $25 and $125.

Flutter App Development Cost Varies by App Origin Economy

The app development cost varies a lot by this factor. Getting a Flutter app built in developed economies like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, etc. is most likely to prove expensive than in developing but economies with skilled IT workforce like India and the Philippines. In developing economies, you can hire Flutter app developers at an hourly rate as low as $10, but developers with the similar skill and experience in developed countries would ask between $60 and $80.

An important thing to note is that a low rate may sound like competitive pricing but whether it will bring you the required skillsets and experience to manage the complexities of your project is questionable. Experienced and efficient developers even in developing countries ask for an hourly rate between $30 and $40. Experience has a major role to play in this industry.

The total development time depends upon the app category and complexity. The app development costs vary accordingly. While hiring you should look for a mix of skill, experience and value. The best way is to ascertain their capability is to check their client’s portfolio with links to published apps on Google Play or App Store.

Flutter App Development Cost Varies by Backend Framework

What your users are able to see and interact with is only the tip of the iceberg. Backend is just like the backbone. It makes the app to res pond to the user’s action on time and appropriately. Backend controls the server, application security, app data, and data back-ups. DJANGO (Python-based open source framework), .NET Core (.NET Core is a free and open-source), Express (Node.js web application framework), and LAMP stack (Ruby or Python based) are some of popular backend frameworks for mobile apps.

Going with .NET Core will increase the overall cost of your Flutter app. In fact, it’s the costliest choice. A full-stack developer wtih.NET Core skills may charge between $50 and $150, whereas selection of LAMP stack can bring down the cost by almost half. You can find developers with hourly rate in the range $24-130. The Flutter app development cost may also vary by years of experience a developer has with respect to the backend framework.

So, you have learnt what it takes do develop a Flutter app? Got a mobile app idea for your business? Want to know the cost and timeline. Get a 30-Minute Free Consultation.

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