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How Split Screen Helps to Grow eCommerce Business

November 13, 2019 |

From building an eCommerce website to driving traffic from myriad sources to getting those visitors converted to customers – a lot of efforts and investment are required in making all this happen. Despite all efforts, around 60 to 80 percent of the visitors quit an online store in a few seconds without making any purchase. Split-screen technique provides an effective solution to curb this challenge. 

If you haven’t been familiar with the technique, here is how a typical split-screen looks like.

This demands a substantial programming involving CSS, HTML and other constituents of the technology framework you use.  

SplitScreen Helps You Create a Clutter-Free Store

An eCommerce website has a lot of data: some plain visuals, some multimedia elements and some textual content. Displaying everything at one plane is a challenge. And trying to bring all together makes a website look cluttered, which is a big risk. Think of showing the selected product in one pane, similar products in a different pane, and customer’s testimonials in the next one. Give a professional touch to your site.

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Image Source @Mashtips

SplitScreen Helps Customers to Make a Choice 

Product, price and review comparison is an important aspect of online shopping. For example, if you are a fashion retailer, with split-screen mode, you can show how one T-shirt or any product is different from another by design, fabric or button type, price and review. This will help shoppers to make a difference between two close variants and pick the right one. 

Split-Screen Drives Content Consumption

Content plays a major role in presenting the product description and images successfully on your site. When this content is displayed categorically and appropriately with split-screen, your visitors would love to spend more time on your store, browsing more information and product. Increased content consumption, helps your website gains value on Google Search results. It makes you rank higher against relevant searches.

Split-Screen Increases Communication 

Use split-screen mode to create a dedicated Contact and FAQs pages. When users are on your website and looking at your products in details, they might have different questions in their minds.  The more promptly you answer them, the higher is the chance of you getting those visitors converted to customers. Still if your FAQs page falls short of answering the user’s query, you can provide them with your contact details so that they can connect with you easily. Do not shy away from disclosing your physical address. It adds to your authenticity.

Split-Screen Helps You Engage Appropriately on Mobile 

Mobile – this small form-factor is no more small now. According to eMarketer, in 2016, mobile ecommerce sales accounted for 52.4% of all eCommerce worth. In 2019, the total retail sales through mobile devices reached $432 billion. Undeniably, eCommerce plays a pivotal role in the success of your customer acquisition strategy.   On small displays (5 to 7 inches), offering a clutter-free experience with segregation of information is of prime importance, and adopting split-screen technique can be a game changer in engaging users, checking shopping cart abandonment issues, and improving sales. 

Split-Screen Helps Increase Upsell and Cross-sell 

Take advantage of the split-screen technique to show products with a higher value, obviously with more features or products (Upsell) that will complement their purchase (Cross-sell). For this to work in your favor, build an eCommerce store delivering high performance. An eCommerce website with a loading speed of up to 2.5 second is supposed to be fast.  

In a nutshell, successful adoption of split-screen can augment the user experience (UX) and contribute to the growth of your eCommerce business. However, designing and coding has a big role to play in scripting the success.  Want to know more or looking to design an effective eCommerce store design? Hire certified eCommerce web designers and developers for the best Custom eCommerce web design and customization services. Wisitech is a specialized ecommerce website development company in India. Contact Us

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