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How to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

March 22, 2010 |

How to increase traffic on your blog? Over the last few years, the number of blogs in cyberspace has increased. There are billions and billions of sites struggling to find space in the World Wide Web. So how do you make your blog stand out in the hordes of other blogs? Here are some tips to help you draw traffic to your blog:

Tip 1:  Don’t beat around the bush. Stick with the theme of your blog. If your blog is about tennis, then focus on that subject only. Don’t start giving random opinions on latest political situation or latest flick. Else it would give the impression that you have diverted from the theme and slowly and steadily you would begin to lose visitors. Once in a while, if you post a blog on some random topic then it is harmless. However if your blog is about web design and development services and your last 10 posts are about your visit to an island in Greece, then be assured that would be the beginning of the end of your blog.

Tip 2: Now this is the most important mantra. Be consistent and post blog regularly. You can post blog once a week or a fortnight, whatever is suitable for you. It would keep readers coming again for checking out the new post.

Tip 3: If some day, you can’t think of anything to write on, then post a link of some funny or inspirational Youtube video on your blog. Give your readers a reason to come to your blog again and again. So be creative and always share something which might be of some use to your visitors.

Tip 4: Don’t get into arguments with your readers. It doesn’t matter whether the reader is wrong and your are cent percent right, arguing with them is of no use. On the other hand, you would lose visitors. Even if some of your readers disagree to some of your content, don’t start arguing with them. And never ever dare to call yourself an authority on any subject, whether you write on web design and development services or make-up tips. You might have written an awesome content but there is no point in self-proclaiming to be an expert.

Tip 5:  It is understandable that for a full time blogger, advertisements are the only source of money. But keep in mind that visitors come to your blog to read your content and not to see the ads. If you pack your content with ads only, it would get irritating and displeasing for your readers. Keep in mind one thing- content is the king. Give more stress on writing content rather than advertisements.

Tip 6: It is beneficial to add links on your blog to sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This way your friends and acquaintances would also get to know whenever you post a new blog.

By following these easy tips, you can attract and retain your valuable readers to your blog.

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