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How to Convert Your Webpage from PSD to HTML to Make it Google friendly with?

March 12, 2020 |

One of the major reasons web designers need to convert a PSD to HTML file is to deliver a seamless excellent user experience.

PSD to HTML Responsive

A web page with PSD to HTML conversion is instrumental in streamlining improved customer experience, compared to an HTML page created traditionally. A 100% quality tested PSD to responsive HTML conversion helps the site load quickly – even a 1-second improvement can lead to enhanced page views, customer satisfaction and growth in conversions. There are several options available to automate the process for PSD to HTML responsive pages. The major drawback of such automated PSD to HTML services is that these are not pixel perfect. Thus, nothing delivers brilliance like a hand-coded PSD to responsive HTML.

To get started on your PSD to HTML conversion, get a few tools as prerequisites such as the following:

PSD To HTML Conversion Tools

  • Notepad++: One of the most popular text editors used for coding.
  • Adobe Photoshop: To design PSD files.
  • CSS Hat: This a photoshop add-on tool used to convert a Photoshop layer into CSS.
  • Avocode: This is a collaborative platform that lets developers export assets and work with other designers in the team.

Next, you can choose a front end development framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation to focus on three aspects of design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework. In case your developer knows how to work with these frameworks, these provide a great responsive design and grid system in a shorter period. However, if you or your organization is working with frameworks for the first time, it is advisable to consider the high development complexities and time required to learn its applications, and get professional help.

6 Steps For PSD To HTML Conversion For Your Website

Follow these steps:

1. Determine your design layout

You’d need your design to be responsive, mobile-only, fixed or fluid.

2. Slice images from your PSD file

Begin by cutting out the images that cannot be replicated using standard CSS tools. Do remember to include special effects such as shadow and borders.

3. Create HTML coding for each section

Every section of your webpage design would need to be coded individually in HTML. Do remember to take care of prominent sections such as the header, highlights, slideshow, content, and footer.

4. Add CSS styling

After setting up your HTML shell, add some styling with CSS. In case you already have a framework, it comes with its own set of styling. You can further add your own special customizations at this stage to set your web page apart.

5. Enhance interaction with JavaScript

Work with jQuery or AngularJs to make dynamic front end code easy to work with.

6. Checkout responsive quotient

Check out Google’s developer tools to test responsive functionality of your webpage. This is a crucial step in your development as it ties your design and front end development together.

With so many prerequisites and technical skills required for converting a PSD to HTML, it can be quite a challenge if your front end development team does not have the eye for a good design.

If you are a developer who is designing a Google-friendly website but do not have the required skills or an organisation that needs the required resources for the same, Wisitech offers responsive and interactive PSD to HTML services that work – at reasonable rates and with quick turn around time.

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