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How to Create a Winning Strategy for your Grocery Business

April 17, 2019 |

A grocery store typically enjoys customers as its products will always be needed as long as we require food to eat. But there’s more to just having a shop with products that meet everyday needs of customers. Your success will depend on how well you’re able to promote your grocery business.

Study Consumer Behaviour

As a grocer you probably buy your vegetables from farms or other large suppliers. These will perish in a few days so you need to ensure that you sell all of them preferably within the day. When you buy branded items for sale in your store shouldn’t that market itself? Sadly, it doesn’t.

Your items need to be visible to the buyer even when stacked in stores. That is why larger retail chains have people specially appointed for observing buying behaviours. As a smaller store, there is no reason why you cannot do market research yourself.

Put the most popular items at the front

Keep a note of what items people in the vicinity are buying the most. Stock them in the first rack near the door. You can also keep items such as gum, polish, toiletry, stationery and other utility items at your counter. This is done to entice buyers to spend that little bit extra as long as they’re dealing out their money. Known as the POP or Point of Purchase sale, it is a great boost to adding more to the bill at the exit point.

Winning Strategy for your Grocery business

Winning Strategy for your Grocery business

While the traditional offline grocery stores have been there and will be around, the new revolution unfolding in grocery business is online. A recent study by Nielsen has shown that 25% of shoppers buy their groceries online. This figure is expected to cross 55% in the near future. This is a great time to invest in a market that is growing impressively.

Map out your supply chain to identify points of pain

Putting your grocery business online needs considerable planning. You need to map out the entire chain from your supplier, your storage areas, your delivery partners and your payment receiving methods. Smart marketers will negotiate the best rates. They will also ensure standard quality checking mechanisms are in place. Number and label your products before they’re put into warehouses. You might need test runs of packages through the chain from supplier to consumer.

Create an organized and easy website

Once you’ve got the logistics in place it’s time to let people know. The first step is to design your website. You can get an expert to make one for you. Make sure you create enough categories to cover all the items that you sell. It may appear fancy to call bread, “baked wheat”. But all of your customers may not understand what that means. Those are the ones who will not be buying from your store and count as losses.

Colours, layout and patterns need to be optimized to give easy access. For example if you’re selling leafy greens, you could say “Leafy Green Vegetables” in the colour green. Associating colours or shapes of fruits helps your buyer zero in on the item he’s looking for much faster. If you can now give a call to buy at this point, chances are you will complete the sale. That’s another win for you.

You should ensure that your website does not appear too cluttered either.

Optimizing your online grocery for search phrases

SEO is a household tool for online marketers. You basically optimize any written paragraph or line on your site with keywords that people use on search engines like Google. Search engines typically rank pages in their listings by analysing keywords. Naturally, the higher your page ranks, the more likely people looking for that keyword will visit.

You also need to ensure that your Amazon or Etsy listing page describes your products in the right format. They should also ensure that the right keywords are used. It matters a great deal which photograph you’re putting in your product description.

Talk to the Expert

Alternatively, you can get in touch with experts to handle these technical aspects for you. The expert is the person equipped with the right skill set and experience. Wisitech has been in the digital marketing space for the last 20 years. Not only does it have experts to tackle every aspect of web design and content marketing, it also handles your website sales conversions. We can help you process users through the sales funnel down to the point of purchase and delivery. We also help you keep up your online reputation. This is your chance to succeed in a thriving market. Get in touch with our experts today!

Below is just one of the many highly successful grocery stores we built online:

Winning Strategy for your Grocery business

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