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How to Deal with A Very Bad eCommerce Store Design?

July 20, 2022 |

E-commerce is a mature domain today, and you will come across many such websites, which make your shopping a delightful experience. At the same time, poorly designed e-commerce stores are also a common phenomenon. These designs may hide mediocre performance, outright theft, and poor business practices.

Whether you have an existing e-commerce venture or starting one, the store’s UX design should be aesthetically pleasing for your users. A good e-commerce store design increases your conversion possibilities. You need the expertise of a reputed ecommerce website designing company to build-up an aesthetically pleasing e-commerce store.

Here are some of the elements of a poorly designed e-commerce store and how to deal with them:

1. Masking Contact Information

Customers wish to know whether they are interacting with a real business or not when they furnish their credit card details. They would also want to be aware of whether there is a provision of speaking to an actual company representative if they face any issues. After all, it is natural to seek help in such a situation.

If your e-commerce portal does not display any contact details or conceals it, customers may stop trusting the website. Therefore, there is a less chance of them doing business with your store.

How to Handle the Issue?

Place your contact details in an easy to locate place on all pages of your portal. The footer, header, or the top of the sidebar are some such obvious places where you may put your contact details. Typically, you should offer several ways to contact you. For instance, use a mix of an email address, contact form, mailing address, and contact number.

All these means will raise the level of trust in your customers. An important point to note here is that the more technically advanced or costly product you are selling, higher is the likelihood of your customers to want to have more contact details.

2. Small Product Images

Customers cannot physically handle the products you are selling in your online store before they place their orders and get them shipped to their homes. As such, you need to improve their shopping experience on your site. If the product images are tiny, the shopping experience would not be pleasant.

How to Handle the Issue?

You can have large pictures on your product page. Alternatively, let users click on the product image to zoom in. The online visitors should be able to see the picture as big as possible on the average screen.

3. Design of Chopping Cart is Poor

Every entrepreneur should remember that a shopping cart is a crucial part of their e-commerce portal. The design of your shopping card should enable shoppers to include multiple items, change quantities of products, and should be transparent too. However, it may not be the simplest thing to do.

How to Handle the Issue?

Your e-commerce store design should be such that it enables a user to add a product and go back to the last web page they are on. The shopping cart’s design should be such that your customers are able to modify the product quantities in the cart and remove items from it. Also, allow them to enjoy the preview of what the shipping charge will be even before they begin the checkout process

4. Customer Service Choices Are Not Up To the Mark

The point is similar to concealing the contact details we discussed earlier. The design of your e-commerce portal should not be such that your potential customers find it tough to access you in case they have any query or a problem. There may not be proper clarity on what would be the best way to get in touch with you when they have a sales query, wish to return a product, or they have any technical clarifications.

How to Handle the Issue?

You may use a nice ticketing system to handle customer service queries. The technique works well if there is no contact number available. Ensure that your portal has an FAQ section, which covers most common queries your customers might have. You may include questions related to your return policy, how to replace items, and so on.

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