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How to Get People to Love your App and Gain Conversions

June 5, 2019 |
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Creating an intuitive UX/UI mobile app requires insights into what works, where, how and with whom

A staggering 5.1 billion people worldwide have unique mobile IDs. About 4.4 billion of these use the internet and over 3.2 billion access social media on their smartphones. And penetration is only set to increase. What are you doing, as a marketer, to tap this vast underexplored market?

Mobile Apps are everywhere

Most users have about 17-18 apps installed on each of their mobile phones and this number is likely to increase in the future. Consider the fact that you now book your cabs, doctor’s appointments, meals through your phone. A very large number use their phones to keep abreast of news, watch movies, download music, shop and connect with their peers. In terms of value, the mobile app market is set to reach a mind-boggling, USD 311,249 by 2023.

If you are not a part of this all-encompassing digital phenomenon now then not only are you going lose sales eventually, you’re also missing out on significant sales revenue in the here and now.

What makes a Mobile App Popular?

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The goal of any mobile app is to fulfill it’s targeted user’s needs.

For every successful app that manages to understand its product’s target audience and gets the user experience and user interface design just right, there are a hundred others that fall by the wayside. What makes an app popular? What are the features that distinguish a successful app from the rest? And, most importantly, how can you get the most sales out of your mobile app marketing plan?

Note that the goal of any app is to fulfill a user’s needs. It does this through positive app experiences that build brand loyalty. A majority of users who have had a bad experience with a brand’s mobile app are unlikely to buy their product.

Research your market

Good User Experience or UX design requires the implementation of best UX and UI practices from around the world. The first stage of the process of successful mobile app development is research. The designer must research her product market thoroughly. Who is the likely user of the app? What are the customer’s geographic, cultural and demographic preferences? What is the average session time for the customer group and so on?

Use Feedback Loops

In addition, the app designer must ask for direct user feedback via relevant user surveys and questionnaires. Care should be taken to minimize bias in the study. Examine competitor behavior, campaigns, and relative success. Map the customer’s journey from initiation to conversion along the sales funnel. Try and fill in the shoes of your customer base and identify problems and obstacles in achieving focussed objectives.

Good research should also include good interpretation through statistical tools. The presentation of data should be clear and unambiguous so that programmers and developers know exactly what they’re going to implement.

Rank User Goals by Importance to the User

Prepare a hierarchy of needs. Prioritize user objectives according to the user and not from the seller’s perspective. If your product or service doesn’t meet at least one of the user’s objectives then there is a need to tweak your product or service.

Product design may take multiple iterations and will always include repeat feedback from the user. Navigation should be simple, short, obvious and in accordance with set human habits.

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The Cholesterol Down App understands user behavior and suggests planned steps for lowering LDL cholesterol without prescription drugs. Available on App Store and Google Play Store

Use Jargon-Free content

Always, the language used in descriptions and instructions should be concise and jargon-free. Faster performance limits the number of extra features you can add to the app. Choose wisely, according to your user base whether your iOS or Android app is meant for high-en 0users, before setting useful utilities. Use Interactive Agents to boost Engagement to Generate Leads and Convert

AI enabled interactive bots have the capacity to considerably increase interaction. But good implementation is the key to lead generation and conversion. The bot should ask the right questions and have the most satisfying answers to them. Your app should have notifications and pop-ups to remind your customers of abandoned shopping carts and incomplete forms.

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The Bowdabra Bowmaking Tool App presents great bowmaking tutorials, in easy, user-friendly manner with clearly marked out section such as, videos, products in the store and so on. Available as iOS and Android App

Engage through Social Media

Finally, there should be a provision for user interaction with the business. This multiplies the usefulness of the app in obtaining user needs and goals. This means Social Media.

Expertise, skills and technology – these three essential inputs are required to identify the right parameters for great mobile app experience. A good Digital Marketing company will take the problem of conversion off your hands. Wisitech InfoSolutions, the leading digital solutions agency, carries this commitment to path-breaking levels by guiding you with the follow through. With over 20 years of experience in digital solutions for businesses including platform design, ecommerce, marketing, sales and conversion, Wisitech is the most trusted IT partner for several major businesses in the US, Canada, India, and other major markets. Contact us today!

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