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How to Improve Your Website Bounce Rate with Advanced Methods

December 6, 2019 |

Website bounce rate. If you know what it is, you know what are the disadvantages of having a higher bounce rate, and if you have not much idea about this term, here is what bounce rate means:

A bounce rate is the overall percentage of the viewers who visit your website but leave after just going through the first page that is in most of the cases, the homepage of the website.

More number of users doing this would lead to a higher bounce rate, while visitors who decide to stay and explore your website contribute to a lower bounce rate.

There can be several reasons for a user to bounce away from a particular website – link to a different website, clicking back button, closing the window/tab, session time out, typing in another URL, etc.

Having a higher bounce rate is bad because it means the visitor is either distracted easily or didn’t find anything on interest at your website. and if the said user is from among the target audience, it can have quite an adverse impact on your website.

The ultimate goal of any website is to convert visitors into either loyal audience or customers. Hence, the higher bounce rate would mean exactly the opposite.

So how it can be avoided? There are certain things that if taken care of, can significantly improve your website or ecommerce venture’s bounce rate. Here are a few key ones:

A Brilliant User Experience

Use experience simply means the experience of the user while interacting with your website. A good user experience happens when the user not only finds exploring the website convenient but quite joyful too.

Brilliant User Experience

To create a user-friendly website that is visually pleasing and captivating on all platforms and devices is a crucial step to avoid a high bounce rate. For it, certain factors need to be taken into consideration like the website design, color schemes, user interface, appropriate theme, etc.

Call of Action Optimization

It usually takes a user a few seconds to decide whether they want to be on a website or not. In most of the cases, they just glance at the visible area without even scrolling and make up their mind. This particular area appears differently on different devices.

This visible area of the website should be optimized to describe your products and services with a noticeable call to action. Be careful to make the call to action genuine and honest. If the user feels that he/she is being misled, they will immediately drift away from the website, hence adding to the high bounce rate.

Enhance the Website’s Speed

A slow-loading webpage is frustrating beyond explanation. In these times of ultra-fast internet speed, a webpage that takes even seconds to load can result in a boost in a high bounce rate. Hence, it is crucial to take care of the website’s overall speed.

There are several tools that can help to boost the speed of your website, especially the landing page, like Google Page Speed and Pingdom. Another way to speed up the website is by optimizing the website images. It can be done by using a Content Delivery Network, switching to a faster hosting provider, and adding better caching.

Relative Content Strategy

If your products or services have multiple target audiences, you can create different landing pages that are localized for a particular region or country. Offering the visitors content in their local language, currency, and cultural background is a great way to reduce high bounce rates and enhance user experience.

Relative Content Strategy

Engaging Video Content

Among all the multimedia elements, videos are the most engaging and attention-grabbing one when compared to texts and images. To ensure that the interest of the user remains intact, you can use a full-screen video as background on the landing page, or you can add the video feature next to the call of action.

There are numerous formats of videos that are quite engaging, including animations, narration, documentaries, small clips, etc. creating an effective video presentation is not that costly too. You can consult an expert at Wisitech to learn more about it.

These are just some of the minor tweaks that need to be taken care of for ensuring an improved bounce rate and more relevant traffic on your website. Follow these and witness the change yourself.

Want to know more or looking for search engine optimization services? Hire certified digital marketing experts at Wisitech for the best SEO services.

Improve Website Bounce Rate

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