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How To Increase Sales on Etsy: Updated Expert Guide

October 6, 2021 |
How To Increase Sales on Etsy Updated Expert Guide

Etsy is an online marketplace, known for the best crafting and handmade items and vintage ones. It is a great place to start a business with the least number of resources perhaps. If you are an artist and want to sell innovative crafty things, Etsy is the best place for you. However, over the years, the marketplace has become quite competitive, and to establish a successful business, you need some expert tricks.

First, let’s understand that there is no way to establish a business without creating a unique brand and social media presence is of the utmost importance. The reason being the growing competition including the big brands. With online marketplaces, your products are up against all the other brands on them. The same goes for Etsy.

Why Branding is Important For Etsy?

  • Branding will help you to stand out in the ever-growing marketplace.
  • The right direction in marketing your brand will establish credibility and make you look even bigger than you are.
  • Create a superior and trustworthy brand and you can attract more customers.
  • Branding through digital media also means targeting the exact customer base you want.

How To Optimize Your Etsy Store?

1. Find Out The Keywords To Target On Etsy

This is the first and foremost step. Search for the competitors and what are the keywords they are using. When you fill in a categorical noun such as “painting”, you will see a dropdown list of related search terms that people use on Etsy. Use these to your advantage. You can also search with a few words and see how many products you are competing with and evaluate the right keywords for you. Experts take into consideration these results and more to shortlist the best keywords for your exact brand.etsy seo optimization

2. Create The Title With Proper Keywords

Use up to all 140 characters you can to fill in the Title case and use the keywords wisely. Use the category keywords, specific keywords, and description keywords – this is where the experts win the game. Not only that but also need to keep evaluating them and update according to the latest analytics.

3. Fill In The Right Tags

Tags are also the space to use the keywords. Tags help your products come up in someone’s searches. It is also important to make sure that your titles and tags align to rightly describe your product and its specialties. Use as many varieties of search terms as you can that are appropriate for your item. Keep them updated.

4. Keep Your Shipping Free

Giving free shipping can be difficult in some cases. You have to compete in a global price range and the production value of your product is different, depending on your location. However, find a way around it and keep your items with free shipping to draw more people and achieve the final sale. Studies show that customers are highly disappointed when there are added costs.

etsy store optimization

5. Put Your Etsy Store Items on Sale

Truth be told, putting your products on sale is always a great idea to attract customers on any platform. Find out the right time to put the right item on sale and you can gain the maximum benefit from it. Experiment with different items and see what attracts people more.

Some more effective ways that experts drive sales on Etsy include,

  • Put items to sale worldwide.
  • Look up what people are putting into “favorite” or “like”.
  • Experimenting and updating the keywords, tilts, and tags.
  • Look out for abandoned shopping carts and give discounts on them.
  • Build up your brand in the Etsy community through Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you are struggling with sales on your Etsy store, try these tricks, and don’t forget to contact the Etsy experts if you hit a dead-end. Have some patience and Wisitech can turn your Etsy sales around with the power of Etsy SEO like we have helped many others.

How To Increase Sales on Etsy Updated Expert Guide

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