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How to Optimize Laravel Web Application for High Performance?

August 3, 2022 |
Laravel Development Company

There has been an increase in tech-oriented businesses these days leading to software development on a massive scale. Many new tech organizations are launched to simplify the software development process. Most of these organizations are utilizing PHP as their apps’ backend framework. 

PHP has various version updates and has become extremely popular among software developers. Many PHP developers are aware of Laravel as they have worked with it at some point. It has created a niche in the market for enabling application security and creating business-focused applications. 

The most noteworthy feature of Laravel that allures most software developers is that it facilitates them to do minor alterations to improve website optimization. While it is true that most PHP developers prefer Laravel, it lacks speed. Its speed is less than many other PHP frameworks. 

A reputed Laravel application development company can guide you on how to optimize applications for high performance. The article covers how to take care of this issue and optimize Laravel web application for high performance. 

Remove Unused Services

If we want to fine-tune the performance of the Laravel application, an excellent suggestion would be not to load all services via the config. It makes sense to disable all unused services available in the config files. Also, include comments for these service providers.

Remove Unused Services

Use Config Coaching

Laravel has an interesting command called “Artisan Cache Config”. The command comes in handy to boost performance. As soon as one caches the config, the alterations made do not have any effect. If you want to optimize the application further, use OPcache, which caches the PHP code. It means you do not have to recompile it.

Classmap Optimization

Do you know that a mid-level Laravel application also has many files? This is because Laravel has this practice of calling to include several files to include requests. A handy trick would be to declare the files, which have to be included for including requests. You can then combine these in one file.

Classmap Optimization

Reduce Included Libraries

One interesting feature of Laravel is it allows the inclusion of a large number of libraries in an app. Although it is a nice feature, the side-effect could be the high drag level that the app experiences, apart from a massive slow down. That’s the reason it is crucial to review all the data from the libraries recalled within the code. If you feel this can be done without a library, it is better to remove the same from the app.php/config to increase the speed of the Laravel app.

Use Composer for Scanning

It is an excellent idea to use Composer for scanning the application. This can build a one-to-one relationship between files and classes in the application.

Routes Caching

Routes cache is a necessary optimization feature, especially for applications with an array of configurations and routes. It is an array that assists in increasing the performance speed of the Laravel app due to the speedy loading.

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