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How to Promote a Nutritionist Service

April 23, 2019 |

Eating healthy in a fast paced world is easier said than done. But the necessity of staying disorder-free and fit for life remains as important as ever. Nutrition specialists, registered dieticians and certified nutritionists are in high demand as they guide people towards healthy living and healthy eating. But in this cluttered market, how do you stand out in the crowd? Start by asking yourself a question – what am I most passionate about. If you are passionate about staying healthy and helping others cut down on fat, sugar and salt from daily staples, you are halfway there already. Write down whatever you’re passionate about.

Educate yourself continuously

Once you have equipped yourself with the required certifications and are a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), continue with your research and knowledge development in order to be seriously considered an authority. You need to be prepared to be questioned. After all it is your knowledge that differentiates you from your clients.

Who will be your target consumer?

Apart from researching your own field of expertise you must also research your likely buyer. Classify your customers according to age, gender, medical condition and level of sedentariness.

Most people today genuinely want to look good. They don’t want to barely ward off diabetes. You may want to look into special nutrition requirements for athletes. Find out which foods could substitute staples for those with gluten allergies or thyroid conditions.

Ask yourself whether you want to limit your services to a local region. There are differences in food cultures, weather, transport and availability of foods between towns. Eating habits may also vary between the Eastern and Western coasts. Cold weather may require certain food practices just to keep the blood warm.

The more categories you create the more population groups you can cover. The more people you cover the more you can make your service buyer feel personally taken care of.

Increase your visibility through Search Engine Optimization

On the internet there are always people with varying levels of search skills. Google too gives search result preference to domains with higher reputation and relevance to the keywords searched for. There is ample research to prove that people do not look beyond Page 3 to get the result that they’re looking for.

To market your business you must ensure that your website sits in the top 3 pages. As more people visit your site, your page rank will rise. Also, your website must contain the right keywords that lead to your site with the optimum density.

Nowadays Google has changed its ranking algorithm to benefit sites that have information relevant to the keyword. Relevance can be computed by the amount of time that users spend on your site.

Optimize Design

Colour, layout, design and placement of keywords and calls to action are equally important. Your website should be clearly divided into categories so that your reader does not have to think. Your pages should be easy to navigate and give the user exactly what he’s looking for. That thing should be easy to get to.

You could use self-explanatory platforms such as WordPress, Weebly or Medium to market your diet charts and meal plans. You could start your own blog explaining the benefits of whole wheat grains or nuts. Blogs are important to improve your search engine page ranking. You could also ask other bloggers to publish your articles where you give users certain information for free. This helps build trust and enhances your reputation.

Create and distribute engaging content

Health and fitness coaches, dieticians, nutritionists and companies selling health products – all need to educate their customers about the necessity of their products and services. An engaging newsletter sent out at regular intervals to your customers helps you increase your reach, brand recall and usefulness in your customer’s mind. If you are not able to create content yourself, there are ready and easy solutions. For example, Customized Nutrition Newsletters is one such effective solution where you can create your own newsletter with ready content, your logo, products and send it to your customers through MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Make sure to use hyperlinks that lead back to your website to increase site traffic. You can also solicit other bloggers and known authorities on particular forms of nutrition to endorse your products. Very often a professional agency’s networking with such authorities helps you gain crucial recognition for a small sum of money.

Let an expert handle the technical aspects

You need to have a natural flair for both design and writing to be able to meet all web design requirements. Alternatively you could let an expert handle this part for you. That way you can concentrate on developing your product.

There are other benefits to getting experts to handle online marketing for you. They are trained and experienced at their job. has been in the digital design and marketing space for the last 20 years. You can get the full range of market solutions including subscription service design. That way you can sell personalized meal plans and diet recommendations based on what people actually have at their disposal. You can also have apps designed to monitor and track regimens, health conditions, exercise, diet.

No matter how extensive your set of services Wisitech commits to getting the most out of each of them. Maximize your profits and build long term relationships. Get in touch with the expert now!

Nutritionist Service

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