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How to Promote Your Clothing and Apparel Business: 8 Ways to Achieve Great Sales

April 29, 2019 | Anand Paul Xess

The annual Fashion and Industry Apparel Report predicts industry growth from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion in 2019. Yet, in 2017 alone, over 7000 retail stores in the US were forced to shut shop due to customer shifts toward e-commerce. It is clear that online clothing stores are here to stay. In this rapidly changing scenario, what can you do to differentiate your clothing and apparel brand from the rest of the competition?

Changes in technology, newer suppliers, shifting preferences of younger audiences toward social causes are all instances that affect your fashion business from the periphery. It’s important that you realize the importance of each aspect of your business clearly. That way you multiply your chances of being successful.

How to Promote Your Clothing and Apparel Business

Nevertheless, there are still predictable ways in which you can promote your online clothing enterprise and make a profit.

1. The first step is to create a website for your brand. Here we are assuming that you have already gone through the processes of deciding upon your niche, budgeting, designing and brand creation. Once you’ve finished plotting your concept, you would have to invest in procuring materials and employ a manufacturing unit. You can also choose to outsource one or more of these stages.

When creating your website you must be able to integrate design, content and online forms in a manner that makes it easiest for the user to make the journey from site visit to purchase. Modern website designers incorporate these aspects in standard UX UI practices.
Unless you can code, you should let an expert take care of this part of the plan. Even when giving inputs to the expert, remember that garish colors and personal design preferences do not always make the best sales pitch.

2. Certain colors and patterns psychologically influence moods. As an apparel designer you may want to exhibit certain pizazz. Stay in close touch with your professional website designers to ensure a personal touch.

3. Your website descriptions of products should be optimized for e-commerce. You should also consider whether you want to be an Amazon seller. To get sales on Amazon is a different and specialized ball game. Your content (pictures and text) needs to be compelling and optimized to rank well on Amazon’s product pages. Make best use of the format Amazon allows and use high quality images.

4. Get in touch with fashion bloggers and critics and offer them free samples of clothing for review. Use a well written sales pitch to create excitement around your product. If you can convince these third party agents with their own websites and sets of ardent followers, you will be able to glean greater potential customers.

5. Create your own blog and social media following by adding meaningful and engaging posts and articles, videos or memes to boost your brand awareness and recognition.

6. If you are a person with charisma, then using personal videos to promote your brand goes a long way in getting conversions. Maintain photo portfolios of apparel you have created on social sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Associate activities with certain kinds of wear and make your attire identifiable.

7. Use mobile apps and email marketing to interact with your consumers. Inform them about changing fashions, new designs and offer advice on how to dress for specific occasions. Looking for ideas? Talk to the Expert

8. Sales, promotions, clearances and campaigns help nudge the use into making the final buying decision.

Talk to the Expert
Get in touch with experts to handle these technical aspects for you. The expert is the person equipped with the right skill set and experience. If you want the best look and feel, targeted laser-focused reach and greater sales and revenue, you need to get expert help. Everything is not DIY in this world.

Wisitech has been in the digital marketing space for the last 20 years. Our experts have the experience to solve every need in web design and content marketing and drive your online presence towards greaters sales conversions. We can help you process users through the sales funnel down to the point of purchase and delivery. We also help you keep up your online reputation. This is your chance to succeed in a thriving market. Get in touch with our experts today!

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