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How to Sell with Mobile Responsive Website Design

July 26, 2019 |

The very fact that the first device you turn to, to book a movie ticket, a doctor’s appointment, a cab ride to a conference, or to check your work mail, is your mobile, and not your desktop, should indicate the usefulness and ubiquity of this platform. As of January 2018, the number of unique mobile users, globally, amounted to 3.7 billion.  An eCommerce giant like Amazon spends two-thirds of its advertising budget targeting mobile users. 92% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile sources. This is why smart marketers are making use of mobile responsive design regularly in their business campaigns.

Mobile Responsive Website Designs

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What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the art of developing web applications that provide quality user experience and help in lead conversion across all the different devices on which they are viewed. It involves real-time manipulation of such attributes as pixel size, and layout. This, in turn, affects content readability, image display, and video resolution. The sophisticated mobile consumer is making decisions based on her perception of your presentation every day. Taking advantage of consumer shopping habits can mean the difference between product-sell and product-fail.

Responsive web design means the ability of your webpages to be rendered to give as much usefulness on a smartphone or tablet as it will on a desktop PC. Making three different applications for each platform will mean thrice the development costs and result in wastage of precious time while your competitors surge ahead.

Devices vary in their ability to display content, images and, video. That is why many application designers now prefer a mobile-first approach. They will deliberately design their content screens for bland smartphone display first, and then expand them to fit larger personal computers.

Who Benefits the Most from Mobile Responsive Design?

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Companies that sell products and services for the mass market consumer will benefit the most from mobile responsive design. Ecommerce players, sellers of every day shopping cart items, such as processed food, sports equipment, electronics, music, apparel, luggage, toys, and video games, etc, will reap the maximum rewards. This is because they have a clientele that is most likely to look for products and services on-the-go. Nevertheless, services such as cab supply, flower shops, dentist appointments, physician, or plumber’s appointments, will also gain from an online mobile presence.

The design of web applications is now increasingly focused on user experience. Device usability is more often a secondary factor. The mobile application designer will now begin his research from the needs and expectations of the smart consumer with constant internet connectivity, and geographical proximity to a warehouse location that can hold your physical product in shape for delivery and use.

Limitations of Responsive Design

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While the responsive design works great for webpages delivered by browsers through the World Wide Web, responsive design doesn’t always work as well when it comes to mobile apps. Unlike websites, mobile apps are designed best when they target a specific operating platform, such as iOS or Android. This enables them to use the full functionality of the system and present a great UX or generate specific leads. Responsive mobile apps are only able to utilize part of the total functionality.

Responsive websites may not perform well on an older browser. Webpages created for the desktop, and later modified for mobile may not render video or images to the exact specification on all web browsing applications.

Pages designed with the mobile-first approach may leave too much space on a desktop screen. This may lead to bad user experiences for clients who are known to be using a desktop or laptop when accessing the business service. For example, Chief IT Officers of companies and Chief Financial Officers, who are unlikely to be impressed by content-thin display screens.

How to Implement Mobile Responsive Design

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Mobile responsive designs use HTML and CSS to dynamically resize, shrink, enlarge, or disguise a website, to ensure that it is readable and displayable across different devices. Changes need to be made to the ‘Viewport’ settings, the CSS width property, the HTML ‘picture’ element, text size, and the usage of media queries.

Several CSS web design frameworks offer standard templates for responsive design. However, many pitfalls and complications could arise as a result of small technical mistakes. Mobile application developer services are available that make it easy for you to concentrate on your core business. When choosing mobile development teams for mobile app design, ensure that you have researched their background, the projects that they have successfully completed, and their effectiveness. Word-of-mouth is also a good way to learn more about web development services.

Wisitech InfoSolutions is twenty-year-old web and mobile application development company with the legacy of having successfully handled over 9000 projects worldwide. Read their client reviews and look at samples of their work portfolio to learn more about the impact that they have made to major digital businesses.

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