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How To Speed Up a Slow Woocommerce Website?

July 29, 2022 |
WooCommerce Development

Any slow WooCommerce website is typically associated with your infrastructure. These include your cache plugin, CDN, plugins, theme, and hosting. The good thing is there are certain steps you may take inside WooCommerce to make it faster.

If you hire one of the reputed woocommerce experts, they will guide you on different things to do, such as clearing transients and customer sessions, optimizing product images, cart fragments, styles, and WooCommerce scripts.

The article covers some of the steps you can take to improve the speed of a slow WooCommerce website:

1. Clear Expired Transients and Customer Sessions

It makes sense to clear customer sessions if the growth of the wp-options table is too fast. This can happen because of ineffective bots or cron jobs crawling a Woo Commerce website and also creating unnecessary sessions. You should also clear the expired transients once in a while to retain the speed of your WooCommerce site.

2. Disable WooCommerce Bloat

When you disable WooCommerce Bloat, it removes WooCommerce bloatware while also speeding up the admin panel and front end. You may disable WooCommerce cart fragments, styles, and scripts. On the other hand, it is possible to disable features in the admin to make it faster and cleaner. While Perfmatters has options for removing the bloat, this plugin has a better performance.

3. Hard code As Much as Possible

You should ideally hard code blog sidebars, menus, footers, and headers. Replace plugins with manual code as well wherever possible. There is no need to depend on page builders as they may include additional code bloat and div wrappers throughout the blog and website. It is a good thing to consider using hard code, which appears site-wide.

4. Unload Assets That Are Unused

Have you heard of Perfmatters and Asset Cleanup? These allow you to selectively disable scripts and plugins from web pages where they do not have to load. Many people prefer to use Perfmatters as they feel that it’s UI/UX is much superior. Install any one of the plugins before viewing the script manager.

While it needs testing, you should know where the scripts are loading. As soon as you are familiar with this, the first step would be to disable these scripts on current URLs. Disable them using regex-based on the patterns of URLs. Alternatively, disable the assets everywhere apart from posts or pages. It will decrease CSS and JavaScript on your WooCommerce site.

5. Block Bad Bots

There could be bad blots that crawl the website and consume a lot of CPU. It is not possible to know this if you do not check. These bots constantly hit a website and unnecessarily consume the CPU offering no benefits. It is a common occurrence when you are especially working with WordPress, so block these bad bots to improve your site speed.

6. Clean Your Database Thoroughly

Clean the database properly using WP Optimize. There are some speed and caching plugins, such as WP Rockets for cleaning your database. They, however, do not allow you to remove tables created by uninstalled, old plugins. When you removed a plugin, it leaves behind data like pre-configured settings in the database. In case there is no plan to use that plugin in the future, delete its tables using WP-Optimize. These will be referred to as “not installed”.

7. Check Server Response Times and CPU Usage

You can check the CPU usage in the hosting account. Most CPU issues are because of cheap shared hosting or high CPU plugins. Tools, such as KeyCDN’s performance test, GTmetrix, or PageSpeed Insights can check TTFBs and server response times. The response time should be less than 200 ms. Hosting can control this issue most of the time.

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