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How to Successfully Market a Crafts and Tools Business

April 11, 2019 |
With the number of DIY adventurers growing, hardware and home improvement sales have been consistently increasing. There has been a similar shift in products made by industrial tool makers. Air compressors and power tools are now lighter and smaller. That makes them more versatile and user-friendly. If you’re looking to be part of this thriving market you will need tools to market your tools.

Be passionate about what you make with your tools

The first step in promoting your crafts and tools business is to relate to people who use them. You simply cannot enter a tools business and expect to compete with money. There are too many successful businesses in the area.

Make it easy for the buyer by organizing your crafts and tools The silver lining is that online sales have been increasing. However, you need to build a strong supply chain. You need to meet manufacturers, designers and innovators. You need to find out which tools are already popular. Label and make a list of all the products you intend to sell. Identify and segment your products by uses. For example the home decorator will need glue guns, nail guns, paintbrushes and sponges. The wood craft person would need chisels, saws, carving knifes and so on.

You also need to study which tools will most likely be needed in the near future. Find out who is making them and strike a deal to sell them. Note that, some marketers advise that you should ideally not be the first to sell a new product. The important thing is to jump onto the right market early. But don’t be disappointed if the euphoria doesn’t last forever.

Selling by Learning You can help people learn a craft and sell them the tools they’ll need to do well. YouTube videos showing how to make a patio chair are great examples. The easier it is to follow the more popular your products. Sometimes it takes visual cues to understand how a power tool works. You can also compare two different brands and show people exactly which feature makes one better and for which purpose. Demonstrating things that people can see for themselves provides a great incentive for people to trust you.

Video Marketing and Voice Search Optimization Videos are more amenable to voice search. Writing search engine optimized content has its part to play in getting your site higher rankings and greater visibility. But more mobiles and on-the-go internet have made it easier for people to buy over their phones. There is a fundamental difference between voice search optimization and search engine optimization. While the latter focuses on short tail keywords, the former focuses on longer ones.

There is also the very human element of discourse. People long to hear another human explain a difficult thing to them. Now that high speed internet is everywhere and cheap it’s very convenient to watch a video as you move about.

For example, Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, the world’s easiest Bowmaker, has a huge fan following and reach in her weekly Facebook Live video tutorials every Monday. She uses the power and technology of the most popular social media to demonstrate to users how creatively the Bowdabra can be used for making various kinds of bows, décor, crafts etc.

Optimize Web Design Apart from videos you need a genuine site that sells your products. Ideally you can hire an expert to design your own website. Write blogs and post videos here to give people an excuse to hang about. Make sure they are keyword optimized.

Also take care that the design, layout and colours match the moods you want your consumers to be in when they buy. Place calls to action where they’re easy to spot. Mention discounts and deals to entice consumers into buying immediately.

Sell Directly on Amazon Alternatively, you can directly have your products listed on Amazon. However, you need to ensure that your product pages follow the Amazon seller format. Here, too, you need to optimize content for keywords. You can also use affiliate marketing to promote your goods.

Hire an expert and focus on product development Alternatively you can hire an expert to fulfil your conversion obligations in the best way possible. These experts have the right mix of skill and experience. Wisitech has been in the digital design and marketing space for two decades. We can help you get the sales and profits that you’ve been looking for. Get in touch with us today!

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