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How to Win Amazon’s Buy Box for Specific or All Products?

March 16, 2020 |

Amazon SEO company Amazon generates about $150 in sales annually, and about 90% of these conversions happen via the Buy Box. An Amazon marketing expert would probably be familiar with this section. You know, that little white box on the right side of your product page? Using a complex algorithm, the Amazon SEO company pulls out the bestseller brand in that particular product type. Either way, the Buy Box saves you the trouble of researching the industry. Customers get the best value for their money, and brands boost their visibility. Read on to know how Amazon optimization services enhance your chances of getting featured on the Buy Box;

How does the Buy Box Section Work?

The product page has both “Add to cart” and “Buy now” buttons. “Buy now” leads to an immediate purchase. As an e-commerce venture, you aim to be visible on the Buy Box. Note, not all businesses are eligible to feature their products on the Buy Box. The list is selected by an Amazon SEO agency, that checks the reach and credibility of each product. Here are some ways you can have win Amazon’s Buy Box. You can also get assistance from an Amazon SEO consultant about the same.

1. Get yourself a professional seller account

Sellers with a subscription-based professional seller account are more credible. An Amazon marketing expert approves these accounts. You can reach out to an Amazon PPC consultant to know more about the process. Your brand’s performance, pricing, and packaging affect your chances of winning the Buy Box feature. Business ventures have to pull up their socks and reevaluate their business choices. Hire an Amazon optimization consultant to help you get more insights into the sales. The Amazon optimization services give you all the numbers you need. Ensure that your brand features new and unique products, not second-hand ones.

2. Get Better With Shipping and Pricing

Brands that are already competing for the bestseller position have better chances of winning the Buy Box. With an Amazon SEO agency, you get to improve your product page rank. SEO is more than just sprinkling your content with a few keywords. The Amazon SEO consultant helps you out with meta tags, URL customization, mobile optimization, and other factors. Other than that you also need to work on your shipping and pricing options. Have an Amazon PPC consultant figure out the best marketing strategies for your brand. Conduct extensive market research to find out what your peers are doing. This gives you an edge over the competition.

3. Understand How to Check Eligibility

Don’t worry, if you don’t have the budget for hiring an Amazon optimization consultant. You can check the brand eligibility yourself. All you have to do is, go to the Inventory Tab and click on Manage Inventory. This would direct you to the Preference Tab. In the Display section, find the Buy Box Eligible option. The drop-down menu will show you if your brand is selected for the Buy Box section. Note that not all your products might be eligible for the Buy Box. This is where an Amazon SEO company comes into the picture. A team of Amazon SEO experts would analyze your products, their reach, the sales, and the demand patterns. Based on this information, you can customize your content, advertising campaigns and more.

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