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Importance of Social Networking in Business Development

January 10, 2013 |
Social Media Marketing Company “The marketing departments of 94% of all businesses employed social media for product or services marketing.” “Almost 60% of marketers are investing the equivalent of a full work day to social media marketing development and maintenance” “85% of all businesses with a dedicated social media platform as part of their marketing strategy registered an increase in their market exposure” “58% of businesses that have employed social media marketing for over 3 years reported a growth in sales over that period”

Source: 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Using social networking for marketing and promotion is the latest tool employed by almost all organizations – big or small – these days. Equipped with features such as share and like, social networking sites viz Facebook, Google+, Twitter allow you to showcase and promote your products and services to a huge number of target audience. Social media marketing campaigns stand on building and developing a relationship and credibility, and connecting with your target audience.

Social Networking and Business

Humans being social animals always feel a natural need to socialize, share their feelings and stay connected. Social networking sites help you meet with your old friends, relatives and school mates. It breaks the barriers of boundaries and helping people from anywhere across the world to come together, share their views, and stay connected – a business opportunity that enterprises across the globe are exploiting with maximum effect. Nobody can deny the power of social media in generating revenues albeit the objective sometimes goes unfulfilled if you lack the right strategy. When it comes to employing the social networking sites for business development, the key to success is to reach to your target audience and share relevant and adroitly branded content with them. Then, they pass the information to like-minded people and serve as a medium to reach out to your potential customers. This exchange of ideas and information through social networking websites facilitates companies to build a strong client-brand relationship.

Advantages of social networking for business development

Social Media Marketing (SMM) along with Social Media Optimization aims at getting maximum web traffic and developing a mass appeal about company’s offerings. The major benefits of social networking include: Generates enormous website traffic Provides a brand recognition Increases your brand value Helps you get users’ feedback Gathers relevant information pertaining to trends and customers’ behavior Builds healthy client-brand relationship Helps you know the reach and success of your existing and latest products Helps you keep an eye on social interaction to identify issues and nip them at bud The above points emphasize on utilizing online marketing tools such as SMO, SMM in tandem with social networking. When employed with effective strategic planning, these online marketing tools boost the prospects for enterprises to reach increased number of clients and get maximized return on investment. You can also get detailed information regarding the effective of social networking sites for your business promotion at a renowned CEO club. CEO peer groups offer executive business coaching to help you adeptly with your business problems and concerns.

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