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Why Infographics are “In”?

November 20, 2013 |
The latest trend that has caught the attention of content and SEO marketers are infographics. They are “in.” They are hot. They are a great tool for your social media marketing strategy. An infographic is a presentation of data or information through the combination of text and graphic visual representations. Over the past years, infographics have become more effective in attracting and retaining the readers’ attention than plain text.
 Informative Infographics

Infographics have become more effective in attracting and retaining the readers’ attention.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why infographics are hot and happening:

Comprehensible and presentable Infographics present even complex data in a way that is much easier to understand. It’s almost like narrating a story through visuals and text. Reading dry facts and statistics can be boring. Infographics present numbers and acts in an organized manner that makes it interesting and easy to grasp.

Visually appealing

Let’s face it. Infographics are more visually appealing and eye-catching than black printed words on your screen. No matter how informative your text is, an infographic of the same content would naturally draw more visitors. It’s the combination of images, content and colors that give infographics an edge over plain text.

More Engaging While browsing the net, we tend to scan content rather than actually read it. Research and studies have proven time and again, that human brain tends to remember more things it has seen rather than read. Infographics cater to that philosophy. They are engaging, easier to understand and assure better engagement of readers.

Backlinks Infographics are a sure shot way of getting quality backlinks. Encourage your readers to share your infographics on their blogs, site or social networking accounts with a link back to your website/blog site. Subsequently, the better the quality backlinks you get, the more traffic you receive and the higher page ranking you earn.

Searches Recent studies have shown that the searches for infographics have increased in the past two years. There is no doubt that infographics are hot and are being searched. Apart from doing your regular posts, create informative infographics, add them to your blog posts and see how traffic shoots up on your blog.

Increase chances of going viral Infographics have more chances of going viral than the plain text. If an infographic is well designed and informative, readers are more likely to click and share it on various social networking platforms. You can pin an infographic on Pinterest or tweet it or share it on Facebook. That makes it an effective tool in search engine optimization of your website and ensures the success of your social media marketing plan. Next time, you have information to share or a new idea; don’t go the traditional route of writing a plain text. Be creative and use an alternative approach of using text + illustrations = infographic. Online readers have shorter attention spans. Grab their attention with an infographic. Not only it is visually appealing but it has the potential to spread your content and thereby your website or blog throughout the World Wide Web.Infographic

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