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Is BigCommerce the Right eCommerce Platform for My Startup?

April 26, 2021 |
Bigcommerce Ecommerce Development If you’ve ever felt limited by lack of coding expertise to run your online store, pined for a web-hosted solution, or simply do not want to take on the challenges of website security, BigCommerce is definitely the right eCommerce platform for your startup. With over 90,000 web stores now powered by this platform, you can rest assured that you’re in good company with the likes of stylishly unique brands such as SkullCandy, Bass Phillip, Camelbak, and Bike Somewhere, to name just a few. But what characteristics make BigCommerce your preferred choice? Why not Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce? This article will examine the exclusive advantages that BigCommerce, as a storefront application, provides for businesses with both B2C and B2B clientele. The arguments outlined here come from our 20 plus years of experience with eCommerce store design, development, and marketing – a distinction that covers Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, and many other technical aspects of mobile app and web application development.

BigCommerce Advantages at a Glance:

Here are the top reasons why people use BigCommerce for their mobile and web retail interfaces.
  • Native Tools & Open Source Frameworks Unlike Shopify’s Liquid, which carries incremental pricing if you want to modify code, BigCommerce allows you to adapt source code to your requirements. This helps you personalize your website for a better user experience and more responsive interactions.
  • Multiple Sales Channel Support Amazon, eBay, POS integrations, sell via social networks & across search engines, B2C, B2B, or Wholesale
  • Hundreds of Powerful Features Built into the Software
  • Customized Catalog Management & Automated Abandoned Cart Reminders
  • Customizable Add-ons for Discounts & Promotional Offers
  • Order Management & Cross Channel Fulfillment
  • Powerful Analytics & Insights
  • Customer Management categorized and sorted
  • Storefront API & SDK Integration
  • Customizable Script Development
  • Customizable BigCommerce Security
  • Customizable BigCommerce UI/UX Designing
  • Customizable BigCommerce App Development
  • SEO Customizable Configuration for e-Store
  • Tools for Shipment Tracking
  • Marketing Tools Integration including Email Campaigning
  • Single-Click Selling
  • Checkout, Payment Integrations with PayPal
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Set Up Agile, Flexible Operational Framework
BigCommerce is today’s most versatile, cloud-based eCommerce platform with in-built web hosting, security, and headless commerce integrations for seamless content update and data validation. It also provides greater than 99.9% uptime, a powerful admin panel, a simple but comprehensive user interface (70% of implementations take less than 2 months to complete), multiple website support, a drag-and-drop page builder, PayPal integration, full content management functionality, a complete range of SEO tools to maximize page rank and conversion. BigCommerce gives the ability to add and sell virtually unlimited physical or digital products and services. Better than any self-hosted solution, BigCommerce allows you to set up and launch your store in a matter of hours with an extensive ecosystem of plugins and extensions to help design, develop, and customize your digital storefront.

Cons of Using BigCommerce:

  • BigCommerce is somewhere in the middle of the full functionality and full convenience as the core source code is hidden and inaccessible. This may sometimes cause you to lose features you could have added with Magento or WooCommerce.
  • Comparatively fewer themes and design plugins are available in contrast to Shopify.
  • Although BigCommerce has been churning out a steady stream of enhancements to its feature set, an overwhelming percentage of its users are small businesses.
  • The pricing of features could be more flexible.
To overcome these challenges requires a skilled BigCommerce developer who understands the overall business logic, can setup server backends and frontends so that changes are carried seamlessly across, can understand your project briefs accurately, and understands the technical barriers to implementing a successful user experience. Have questions? Talk to an expert today.Bigcommerce Website Development

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