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Leverage MySpace to Build Your Brand

April 9, 2009 |

The success of a web site depends on lots of things such as appealing design, good backend structure, well written content with proper keywords, and how diligently the site has been marketed on the web. Viral marketing helps in making your web site get noticed on major search engines and goes a long way in building your brand equity.

To build some smart viral marketing campaigns, you can leverage MySpace social networking capabilities. Start by creating a profile of your company or products/services on MySpace, which is used by most of the search engine marketing services providing companies.

Why MySpace?

Well, we all are aware of the fact that MySpace is one of the world’s most popular social networking web sites. And due to the huge online community it enjoys, marketers are using this platform for publicising their products/services, building brands and creating awareness without making their efforts look like aggressive marketing pitches.

There is no dearth of marketing success stories in MySapce. While Apple used this platform for successfully promoting its ‘Pink Nano’, Barack Obama even used it during his Presidential campaign.

Creating and uploading your profile in MySpace is simple. But it needs to be done in a smart way for making a total success of your marketing campaign.

Create a good profile

A profile is the first step towards flagging off your MySpace marketing campaign. The profile must have a layout that highlights your business. Avoid overstuffing the layout with slow loading items such as videos, Flash components etc. The profile must also have company’s information about what it is all about and where it is located etc. Remember to keep things simple so that the visitors can get an idea about your business at first glimpse.

Make friends

You are using MySpace as a way to add more and more people to your network. Hence try to make as many friends as possible who you think would be interested in information related to your products/services. Suppose you are selling clothes for teenagers, then you can start a search using a search feature on MySpace for high school or college going students and those who are between the age group of 14-20 years. The bigger the friend list, the better the impression your company would be able to create.

Update your profile regularly

Just making a good profile with attractive layout cannot bring good traffic towards your site. You have to work on your MySpace profile regularly to show that you are an active member.

Keep adding friends, post comments, post bulletins, write blog posts and interact through messages to establish good relationship with your prospective customers and create brand awareness. On MySpace the key towards building up your credibility lies in regularly giving people something interesting and useful to think about or use.

Don’t ignore the friend’s list

Give respect to those who are included in your friends list. Until you respect their thoughts, noone is going

Myspace Marketing

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