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Make Your Sales Letter Sell: A 6-Point Checklist

January 22, 2017 | Peeyush Sharma Time constraint is the master of ceremonies in our lives in present times.
It leads all our performances. Gone are the days of long mails and detailed contents. We neither have the time nor the mental set up any more to go through lengthy mails. It is the way the cookie crumbles and nothing can be done about it. business sales letters writing The big-screen computers gave way to laptops and handheld devices and now on our phones, we read all emails. Where is the space to post or read a large sales letter?

Embrace the change, accept the challenge, and be smart.

A Smart Business Sales Letter Makes an Impact

1. Choose your topic

Choose your topic and subject carefully and make sure the subject line of your business letter reflects it poignantly to raise real interest. Look at it from the customer’s point of view. What would interest him? What catchy subject line will compel the reader to click on the mail to read it? Step into the customer’s shoes. You will know if you got a mail you would like to read!

2. Make it interesting

The newsletter content has to be very cautiously worked out as it can easily bore and disinterest the reader enough to make him/her delete. Structure your email sales letter or newsletter neatly with a catchy intro, a body where you make your offer, and finally a conclusion where you have a compelling call to action.

3. Do your research

The challenge is in the research for the right business newsletter or sales letter content and in the right language within a precise format that neither takes too much time nor space and yet, makes the desired impact. It converts the reader into an interested person. Say for instance, if you are making a savings offer, cite some figures on how much the customer can save, how many people have benefited, etc. Avoid stuffing in figures. Use sparingly but with an impact to establish your knowledge of the market.

sales letter writing services

Professional sales letter writing services get you more conversions on your business newsletters

4. Use strategic language in your business newsletter

The language alone has marketing strategy dynamics that change with the product, target market, location, pricing, etc. It needs careful and expert attention.

5. Talk to the reader

Write your email content in a style that is conversational. Make the tone easy, the language simple and easy to understand. Keep sentences crisp and paragraphs short.

6. Edit and re-edit

Use bullet points where necessary to bread the jammed text. Edit sales letters to remove grammar and spelling errors or long-winding sentences. Rewrite till you get the tone, the language, and the sales pitch to your satisfaction. The first step to bring the customer to the store is your compelling sales letter. Rest will depend on the merchandise, price, service, delivery, and what have you. This first step needs professional writing services and an experienced and knowledgeable sales writer who has the skill of the art to design these business newsletters, business sales letters, or marketing letters. Trust a business writing professional and get desired results.

Peeyush Sharma

Peeyush Sharma

Like what you’ve been reading? Contact me at [email protected] or call me direct 001.416.577.8178 for useful and professional advice on what you can do to turn your eCommerce venture, website, or social media presence towards greater sales and higher profits. 

About the Author: Peeyush Sharma is VP, Business Development & International Marketing, North America at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd. He spearheads new business development in the area of eCommerce, web solutions, and apps. He is also an established corporate speaker on stress relief, relaxation, and meditation.

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