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“Could Not Have Asked for a Better Team to Work With” – Megan Witteman

February 3, 2024 |

Megan Witteman, Director, Mt Sterling Community Center has high words of praise for Team Wisitech. This is what she says in this video:

“I wanted to hop on and give a huge thank you to Wisitech and Partho and his team for all the great work that they’ve provided us at the Mount Sterling Community Center with an update on our website.

The Mount Sterling Community Center has been around for several years. I am the director Megan here. We offer several different aspects of things here at the center. We have different programs. We have a food pantry. We offer room rentals in different events that people within the community and surrounding areas can enjoy and get help with different resources we have here at the center.

We were referred to Wisitech by another non-profit and we could not have asked for a better team to work with. They’ve been prompt. They’ve been patient, beyond patient with me. I am not tech savvy and they have been amazing to lead me in the right direction to grow our website to expand it to the next.

But we want to be able to share the great things that we’re doing the activities that we’re having as well as the opportunity for people to donate and or volunteer they’ve taken the time out to learn what we do here and what we provide and I truly feel that their heart sends great Vibes to us after learning what we do and share here. They have answered emails all hours of the night.

Partho has been so amazingly patient with me through the holidays and the craziness here and not responding promptly, but we could not have asked for a better team a better collaboration to join us to get this update going. We are getting ready to launch a great opportunity Outdoors here at the facility. So being able to share the videos the pictures updates on our new website is going to be absolutely amazing for our community and others that aren’t maybe near to the community, but we’re born and raised here so they can see the great things we’re doing.

Share on the opportunities as far as donation goes or volunteering or just sharing what we’re doing here in general. So we want to thank Wisitech from all of us to see where this goes and to continue to work with you guys and your collaboration.”

mt sterling community center

Megan with volunteers at the Mt Sterling Community Center

The Inspiring Story of  Mt Sterling Community Center

Situated in the charming village of Mt. Sterling, Ohio, the Mt. Sterling Community was founded on a prayer of local residents (2002). Its birth took place in a humble building situated on the main road within the village.

The sole purpose of its creation was to give the local community members, specifically youth and senior citizens, a safe gathering place with a Christian outlook on life.

The Center operated on a shoestring budget, and services such as a food and clothing pantry and youth night quickly proved to become high in demand. Word of mouth and limited advertising led to the rapid growth of the Center, and a need for additional space became quickly apparent.

An anonymous donor read a newspaper article about the Center, and gifted an unbelievable $500,000 towards the construction of a new facility! The generous donation startled this sleepy community of 2,000 residents.

To most, a donation of this size was just uncomprehending. But the good deeds did not stop there. Surprisingly enough, a second anonymous donor came forward- matching the amount of the first. This raised the grand total to the sum of one million dollars. Center board members were astounded, but quickly began plans for fundraising efforts to secure operating expenses for the next 5 years.

Construction began and then progressed quickly. Committees were established to help carry the Center through its transition phase. Volunteers worked additional overtime. Donations from local businesses, residents, and the like aided in additional construction expenses. Formal business plans were put into place, and prayers were answered.

As a result of the efforts of so many caring hearts, the new Mt. Sterling Community Center is currently thriving at Veteran’s Field, which is off of Main Street on the edge of town. It is fully equipped with meeting rooms, a gymnasium, a commercial kitchen, a youth room, and much more.

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megan witteman for Wisitech

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One thought on ““Could Not Have Asked for a Better Team to Work With” – Megan Witteman”

  1. Madhu says:

    Hi Megan!
    Thanks a lot and we are genuinely thrilled to receive your positive feedback and wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for your appreciation and kind words 👍 .
    And also thank you for acknowledging our team’s dedication. We value our partnership with you and are excited about the prospect of continued association 🤞 .

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