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No Need to be Scared of Google Penguin. Play by the Google’s Webmaster Rules!

July 27, 2012 |

Google Penguin UpdateIn the previous blog, Google Penguin was discussed in detail. In this current blog, we will discuss about the solutions to brink back your website in the Top Ten rankings while strictly following the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If you have been affected by the Google Penguin, here are a few tips to get back on track. If you have survived, you still need to keep these things in mind.

Content still rules the web

Content is still the king. You have heard of this cliché, a lot many times. And it still stands true. If you can not provide descent content on your website, do not expect visitors to stay on your site while you assault them with irrelevant ads and pop-ups. With Google Penguin, now you can no more fool the search engine with bad quality content. Content was the king and it still rules! If you have incorporated content on your site which is taken from another site, remove it for better. Else such gimmicks will cost you dearly in future.

Quality of backlinks matter

With the advent of Google Penguin, now there is no point in getting so many backlinks from random sites. Stop taking shortcuts for link building and increasing Pagerank. Google Penguin emphasize more on the quality and reputation of the site rather than the number of links coming from bad quality sites.

You need to replace junk links which you may have been getting from directories; with reputable links. To get quality links, you can write guest posts on reputed websites and update your profile on business groups. Or engage in on-page optimization and mixed anchor text to build solid, honest backlinks. Besides remove any of the junk links that you possibly can. Mantra is to focus on getting quality backlinks.

Don’t optimize your page titles excessively

Less is more. It is good to optimize your page title with relevant keywords but don’t over-optimize it. For instance, if you are hotel in San Diego, you can optimize page title with “California Hotel- Leading Affordable San Diego Accommodation.” However if you try to stuff too many keywords in the title such as “California Hotel | San Diego Lodging | Accommodation Hotel” it won’t help. As Google Penguin is cracking down on over optimized page titles.

Google Penguin is good for SEO

Anyone who works in SEO knows that coping up with the ever changing Google algorithms can be difficult. The advent of Google Penguin has led to the downranking of various websites. You may face a few hiccups whenever Google Penguin is updated further. However the Penguin update is beneficial for the SEO in the long run especially if you play by the Google’s Webmaster rules. Google Penguin cracks down on bad quality sites and spammers who resort to unethical gimmicks to draw traffic. Ultimately, Google Penguin makes the field clear for good quality sites and brings stability to SEO.

The bottomline is, if you don’t deliver quality content; you need to pull up your socks and modify your SEO practices for the better to survive and succeed in the online market. Whereas the SEO experts and copywriters, who have been observing the ethical practices need not worry about.

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