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Today’s Norms of Management: Decentralize, Involve, Be Socially Just

January 7, 2018 |

Todays norms of management

The days of the authoritarian boss are fast depleting. To register a sustained and sure growth what is now emerging as principles to follow in management is a truly time tested traditional value system. Let me list some emerging practices that are essentially a hark back to our pristine value systems but with the contemporary technological thrust.


Right from control at top to bottom line production decentralize as much as feasible.  A crowd at the top is not the idea, but more thinking brains, with a variety of knowledge and experience coming together to ideate, innovate and grow, become assets.

The line of demarcation and limits of authority have become blurred. “The boss is always right” is passé in many modern, flexible management systems. An involved individual cannot just be a robot. The more he/she is allowed to own responsibility and accountability, the higher is the input of ideas. Transparency is positive and productive.

Concentrated production units do have their advantage, but better still, they can be smaller fully self sufficient ones and many at multiple locations.  This reduces the risk of closure, accident, labour unrest, licensing issues and many hassles.

Also, when the opportunity spreads among more locations the reputation and goodwill is gained as a larger spread of populace gains from being associated. This can be as a direct employment, the associated trades, supplier chain and remotely connected businesses too. The spread of opportunity and wealth is becoming the mantra of the days to come. Local populace owns ownership of success.

Ensure Sustainable Growth

No growth can be unplanned and haphazard. Proper planning with an eye on future is a must. Think big and think ahead.

Is this product going to serve the needs of people 20, 50 even 100 years from now?

How can we reach masses, more and more across the planet?

Is any of our activity harmful in any way?

These are long term questions that need introspection at the planning stage as well as all through the execution time. When the focus is big and far sighted profit flows in slow but steady pace and provides sustained growth. Risks are reduced.

When more and more humans around the world benefit, get excited, contribute and gain, sustainability gets a permanent boom. Profit becomes a natural result. This leads to inclusiveness, our third point in case.

norms of management -wisitech

Inclusive Progress

Involve people along. Inclusive should not just be a show case for sake of talk, it must be the true spirit.

One comes across large number of organisations in North America where there is a lot of noise of inclusiveness, but quite a bit of it is farce in reality. Dishonest intentions can never be a long time policy of gain. Shed any pretension and be prepared to embrace inclusiveness without prejudices.

The human race has been around for some millions of years and so have been the markets, trade and commerce. Only inclusive principles will reach far and allow people to identify themselves with the products and more so, the values of the organisation.

Simply put, when the business model includes people of all type, race, color, language, then those will include the business and its’ products into their lifestyles powering the business from the grassroots.

Socially Just

There are no air tight compartments in the business world any more. The world has truly shrunk. The openness is only going to grow. The technology bridge is connecting and communicating like never before and it is only moving forward, very fast. The days of bonded and controlled labour are long gone.

A fair wage plus incentives in form of work security, amicable work environment, growth potential, participation in management are all well spread concepts now.

As a worker one must look forward towards performing productively when employed with an organisation.

As a supplier, one must have the confidence of a secure future in conducting business with an organisation.

As a customer, one must be assured of not being fooled or hit under the belt.

And a strong and healthy social fabric must ensure good viability to the businesses that thrive on its’ support.

While the vision has to be big, keen eye on personal character traits of leading operations personnel is also a must and the focus needs to be on social justice. A payback to the society that provides employees, customers and profits is the call of the times to come.

Must Change to Survive and Grow

These parameters might seem lofty and too demanding, I must mention that my study is based on a handful of extremely successful business stories of our times. Their growths have been phenomenal and the talk of the business world. That they have modelled their business on these principles is self declared and very evident.

Times are changing, they always have been, and we need to change as there are no other alternatives.

Peeyush Sharma

Peeyush Sharma

Like what you’ve been reading? Contact me at or call me direct 001.416.577.8178 for useful and professional advice on what you can do to turn your ecommerce venture, website or digital marketing towards greater sales and higher profits. 

About the Author: Peeyush Sharma is VP, Business Development & International Marketing, North America at Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd. He spearheads new business development in the area of ecommerce, web solutions and apps. He is also an established corporate speaker and marketing content specialist.

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