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Reasons Why Shopify is Great for eCommerce Portals

November 6, 2020 | Wisitech InfoSolutions
shopify web development

Benefits of choosing Shopify for ecommerce

ECommerce Websites or eCommerce portals are a great solution to have the best customer base for your business. It enables your customers to shop conveniently with any device on hand. Shopify is probably the most famous option to develop your own eCommerce store and today we are going to share why. For bonus, we’ll also talk about the best Shopify web development company later in this article. So keep up!

Today, Shopify has become the go-to destination for businesses to develop their eCommerce portals. It powers over 800,000 businesses and comes top in many individual researches. Each year Shopify platform grows annually on an average of 74%.

But that is not all! It is perhaps the easiest platform to use for your business to develop a good looking and functional eCommerce website as well. If you have a business or want to start one, Shopify is your immediate next step as it takes care of everything from domain to website. It eases the process of getting the domains, hosting, back end, and some front end functionality of the website as well. It is a complete eCommerce cloud-based tool that is affordable and saves more time and resources.

A custom website may give you the hint of exclusivity, but it would drain more of your time, money, and resources. Whereas, the Shopify ecommerce store development will prove way more convenient and budget friendly. Here are some Shopify features to give you a closer look,

Shopify Features for eCommerce Portals:

  • Integrate internal and external payment gateways, for example, PayPal and Stripe
  • Use Shopify payments with zero fees
  • Customizable checkout page for everyone
  • You can also use the guest checkout option or user checkout
  • Static pages for terms or privacy policy
  • Able to create landing pages with promotional content
  • Search and tag functionality
  • API for the developer to create useful applications
In June 2020, it announced some more interesting features. There is a new tipping feature! Merchants can enable tipping during checkout, or customize the text to ask for donations to your business or favorite charity. Also the new personal shopping app lets customers view their favorite Shopify stores, get product recommendations, and track orders.

Additionally, merchants can now offer more flexible and contact-free shipping options. If you want full control over the structure and setup of the store, then Shopify is an ideal platform for you.

Shopify Ecommerce Website Development

Relevance of Shopify for eCommerce Website Development

Now, the question is do you need a Shopify Developer for your eCommerce?

With the great features provided, it is very easy to set up your eCommerce website by yourself. However, building a successful online store is not enough! You need to boost the ease of browsing and extreme appearance with continuous support of the developer to make the store more convenient and leading among its competitors day by day.

If you are seeking assistance in establishing an online store, a valid suggestion is to hire a specialised developer for the best shopify designs and ecommerce store development. The developers have good hands-on experience in HTML5, SaaS & jQuery with liquid code understanding. Wisitech has proven to be one of the top Shopify web development companies and can sure give you the ultimate satisfaction with ease. Contact now!Shopify web development company in India

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