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April 13, 2020 |

The Wisitech team is networked and working from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the whole world into an unprecedented crisis together. The unknown and uncertain has made businesses rethink their strategies. Operations have ground to a standstill, factories are shuttered, workers have been sent home. It’s a new order that is emerging in the workplace – the workplace is now your own home. ‘Stay Home, Stay Away’ is the new mantra for survival.

Just as no one saw this coming, we didn’t too. As companies and governments work to determine what course of action needs to be taken, Wisitech has mobilized its resources to help provide our clients with comprehensive solutions in real time to help you survive the present and re-evaluate your future business strategies.

All work and updates are getting done online

How are we working in the COVID-19 lockdown?

1. We are ALL WORKING FROM HOME. All Wisitech employees are safely ensconced in their own homes and networked through their laptops and phones 2. All employees have been provided with the necessary software and tools to ensure uninterrupted and smooth work on all projects.

We have rapidly prepared our people, processes, systems, and business plans to effectively lead them through the new hurdles presented by the crisis and continue our services and deliverables without hitch. All our teams are working in synchronized coordination – be it Web Development, Web Design, App Development, Digital Marketing or Consulting.

work from home networking COVID-19 pandemic

We are offering real time digital solutions to clients around the world

How are we ensuring timely deliverables during COVID-19 pandemic?

1. The Wisitech team works just the way we would when we are in the office premises. The ONLY DIFFERENCE is that PHYSICALLY WE ARE IN OUR OWN HOMES. SAFE & AWAY. 2. Every project and workflow is discussed threadbare in virtual meeting rooms, plans sketched out on virtual whiteboards. 3. Each project is managed meticulously as per our well-laid out processes – with timelines, to-dos, deadlines, calendars, client communication, and the works, through our online project management software and Cloud. 4. Communication with the clients is continuing without any hitch. Every progress is shared and explained. The feedback is taken and changes implemented to ensure that the solution is delivered before time.

When we say we are just a call or a click away, we mean it.


Our employees are following the Stay at Home safety measures.

For Wisitech, two things have been paramount always: 1. We care for our people because they are more than employees. They are our extended family. 2. We care for our clients because they are more than customers. We are their digital solutions partners.

We are determined not to let the Coronavirus pandemic make us stop us from working and caring.  We value our commitments and we keep them.

We pray that things are normal again.

Should you need any help with your web, app or ecommerce problems, don’t hesitate to call or mail. Consultation is FREE. We appreciate and support your business. Call: 888.680.0174 (Toll Free) Canada: +1.416.577.8178 / Email: India: +91.981.101.0608 / Email:

work from home

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