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SEO Content Writing & SEO Copywriting: Why Both Are Important?

September 26, 2021 |

Importance of SEO Content Writing and Copywriting SEO Content Writing & SEO Copywriting both have their distinct purposes to serve. Their differences are important as their outcomes will be unsatisfactory if they are not combined effectively. One needs a different set of skill set for SEO content writing and SEO copywriting and that’s the expertise of a content marketer.

SEO Content Writing versus SEO Copywriting

Do you wish to sell something online? You have to then be a good SEO copywriter so that the web traffic can be effectively converted into leads and actual sales. On the other hand, the primary focus of an SEO content writer is to generate and increase web traffic via search engines.

It is imperative to note that SEO content writing, as well as, SEO copywriting can accomplish these goals. However, you have to select the right technique or an effective mix of the two to get the desired outcomes. We can safely say that SEO copywriting is a kind of strategic writing. It intentionally targets certain keywords for the creation of attractive, valuable, and useful content so that end-users or readers would be compelled to purchase a product or a service or subscribe to a specific list.

People would love to share these texts on various social media platforms. Doing so can enhance the relevance and authority of content. Your ranking for specific keywords will also go up in Google. SEO copywriting includes sakes letters, webinar scripts, and email promotions among others. The moment the word SEO is added to the road copywriting, it entails selling through a search engine like Google. SEO copywriting is more effective when an informal tone is used for writing contrary to SEO content writing.

An SEO content writer also targets certain keywords. However, it is more into forging an informal kind of relationship with people by writing eBooks, blog posts, video scripts, podcast scripts, or social media posts. The main purpose of SEO content writing is to increase your organic traffic via a search engine such as Google.

Being a good writer does not mean that you are also a good copywriter always. After all, SEO copywriting requires a different kind of expertise altogether.

When Should An Organization Recruit SEO Content Writers?

An SEO content writer should be recruited to increase the organic traffic of that business using keyword-optimized and high-quality content. Such content writers should be aware of how to write informative and compelling content and SEO. However, they may not be equipped with the writing skills for conversions. SEO Content Writing Services

When Should An Organization Recruit SEO Copywriters?

A business should hire an SEO copywriter when copies are needed for distinct platforms like Instagram advertisements, Facebook advertisements, Google advertisements, product pages, and sales pages. The key purpose of this copywriting exercise is the conversion of web traffics into sales and leads. While the web traffic can be organic, it has to be direct traffic paid ad traffic, social media traffic, and so on.

SEO Copywriting Services

Contact a reputed search engine optimization agency in India. Your business will not only be assured of high-quality SEO services but also expert SEO content writing and SEO copywriting facilities.

SEO Content Writing

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