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Strategic Lead Generation

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Lead generation is honestly, easier said than done. A highly competitive market and a growing number of lead generation challenges make most online businesses constantly wrack your brains over how to ″improve lead quality″ and ″more effectively engage buyers″.

Ask yourself this question: Despite my best efforts, have I been able to generate leads to the level I wanted?

Our hunch is, maybe you are falling short somewhere. Most people do. That’s where we come into the picture.

We understand your business needs – we leverage the impact of rich media communications on the web to provide you with strategic lead generation programs – we generate more and more qualified sales leads for your business.

Result? Higher sales – increased ROI for you.

Leads are essential for successful sales. By finding you enough of those qualifying leads we leave you enough time to communicate with them instead of wasting your valuable time in chasing them.

Wisitech has created a unique, integrated lead generation program that brings together most effective online methods ensuring you a highly targeted audience through our lead generation services.

Here’s How Our Strategic Lead Generation Program Works

Preparing Scope Document

Before we begin any lead generation process, we first understand your goals, objectives and resources. Based on your requirements we create a detailed strategy and an accompanying scope document focused on maximizing your company’s return on its investment.

Lead Generation Method Selection

Our trained team then selects the messages and sequences of lead generation methods in order to maximize your success while minimizing costs.


Now it’s time to put those methods into action. Here are just a few of the methods and lead generation services that we integrate for your process:

  • Make postings in forums, blogs and social networking sites.
In the Web 2.0 world where word–of–mouth marketing and user–generated content is ruling the roost, we focus on taking part in heavy traffic forum, blogs and social networking sites for generating quality leads for you.
Forum and blog postings give us good platform for discussing the merits and USP of your product and services in the most objective manner. The leads that are generated through this method are highly targeted – only those prospects come to your site that who are really interested to buy your products or services.
This focused lead generation program also helps you to generate leads for attending your seminar meetings – a highly effective way to communicate with your potential customers.
Web 2.0 is a phrase coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004 to describe a perceived second generation of user–centric Web–based services–such as social networking sites, blogging, wikis, cost per click, and folksonomies–that encourage online participation and sharing among users.
  • Direct Marketing e–mails
    It is a cost–effective way to reach people who are good decision makers. This direct marketing vehicles combines careful audience identification; effective list selection; uniquely powerful positioning; clear and convincing copy; a clear and attractive offer; and a simple call–to–action.
  • News Letter Sign up
    We provide this feature on most sites designed by us. People signing up for your newsletter are people who are highly interested in your product and services. A well designed news letter with good message and good call to action serves to motivate your prospects into buying your products.

Wisitech creates laser–focused campaigns that target specific audiences with tempting offers and compelling copies. We can also provide mailing list and lead management systems customized to your sales process and requirements.

Sometimes it’s the follow–up, not the initial contact that helps you to close the sales. We also develop an ongoing communication sequence using follow–up mailers to connect you to your prospects.

Results Analysis

We know that each of your marketing dollar counts and we feel accounted for it. At the end of our campaigns, we conduct a complete analysis of the results so you’ll be able to see for yourself just how successful our lead generation services were. Plus, the detailed analysis will make future marketing decisions easier for you and our team.

Our lead generation services are the best internet marketing opportunities for promoting your business on a cost–effective basis. We can scale any type of project whether you need help with a short–term campaign or want our lead generatin services on continous and on–going basis.

With your approval we will develop direct marketing e-mail campaigns, and prospect lists to enable our team to open sales opportunities for you.

If you wish we can also provide you additional lead generation services like customer retention, database management, seminar enrollment and surveys and polling.

What Else Do We Do?

We also do website–development, develop high impact content, provide e–commerce solutions, and do effective web usability testing. The success we have achieved at creative marketing and multimedia reflects our sound design principles and creative spirit that has taken us so far.

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