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Symptoms of Failure – Why Professional Web Sites Fail to Convert Visitors (part 1)

December 22, 2008 | Gitanjali Verma Behind the creation of any web site there is a definite purpose, either to sell some products or services, or to inform and educate or to present and enhance a company’s corporate identity. It takes quite a lot of time and resources and a dedicated professional web development team to make a credible and attractive web site. Website optimization Services Expectations are always high after the launch of new or revamped web site (and sometimes the launch is done amidst much fanfare and media blitz). But many a time, the results are not up to the mark. Here are some symptoms of an underperforming web site. Low Conversion Rates Most web sites that are sales-oriented, are created with the sole motive of “conversion”. For such web sites, success is measured in terms of how many visitors actually ended up buying something or signing up for more information. In other words, different types of conversion rates are used to calculate how many visitors turned buyers and from which section or page, depending upon the type of web site. Conversion can be determined on the basis of factors, such as visitors to sales, visitors to subscribers, visitors to downloads, Click-through rates on ads and etc. If your website has a good design and has been marketed well, it must be enjoying a higher conversion rate.  And in case you are observing a drop in the conversion rates, it is time to re-examine your site for possible loopholes. Any delays in identifying the source of the decline can make your web site fall behind your competitors. Low Search Engine Ranking A web site begins to get good, targeted traffic once it climbs high in the search engine rankings. Simply put, it means the spiders of major search engines are able to locate your site every time a search query is entered for products, services or related information your web site presents. In case, the search engines are not able to locate your web site then maybe you need to evaluate the search engine optimization (SEO) practices you are using to promote it. This means there might be the requirement of fundamental coding changes, new keywords enriched pages, new links, and search engine optimized pages and lots more. Fewer Returning Visitors and Lesser Number of New Visitors The very first requirement of a web site to be popular and well-frequented is that it must have that crucial “X” factor to grab the attention of the new users within seconds. This is also vital to make loyal users return to your site again and again. And in case you find that new visitors are leaving your web site within minutes of arriving and the inflow of repeat visitors has also reduced to a trickle, its time to set the warning bells ringing! The best thing to do in such a situation is to analyze your site from a user’s perspective. Or what you can do is accumulate the previous data related to the performance of your web site to figure out the pattern and the highs & lows of your site traffic. This would help you to start a newly planned optimization process accordingly. Major Traffic from Just One Single Search Engine There are plenty of search engines and your site must have a good ranking in most of them. If your s

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