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Laravel Development Company

10 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework For 2020

March 16, 2020

PHP has been one of the oldest amongst the web development languages and Laravel one of its most popular frameworks. It is a free open source framework for web development. Laravel is an advanced alternative to quite a few other open-source PHP frameworks available. If you plan to get your website developed, you can hire a dedicated Laravel developer for the same. But why choose Laravel in the first place? Laravel website development comes with a good number of benefits. We give you 10 reasons why it is good andSEE DETAILS

Amazon SEO company

How to Win Amazon’s Buy Box for Specific or All Products?

March 16, 2020

Amazon generates about $150 in sales annually, and about 90% of these conversions happen via the Buy Box. An Amazon marketing expert would probably be familiar with this section. You know, that little white box on the right side of your product page? Using a complex algorithm, the Amazon SEO company pulls out the bestseller brand in that particular product type. Either way, the Buy Box saves you the trouble of researching the industry. Customers get the best value for their money, and brands boost their visibility. Read on toSEE DETAILS

How to Convert Your Webpage from PSD to HTML to Make it Google friendly with?

March 12, 2020

One of the major reasons web designers need to convert a PSD to HTML file is to deliver a seamless excellent user experience. A web page with PSD to HTML conversion is instrumental in streamlining improved customer experience, compared to an HTML page created traditionally. A 100% quality tested PSD to responsive HTML conversion helps the site load quickly – even a 1-second improvement can lead to enhanced page views, customer satisfaction and growth in conversions. There are several options available to automate the process for PSD to HTML responsiveSEE DETAILS

Why Your e-Commerce Business Needs a Mobile App?

March 12, 2020

E-commerce companies need mobile apps to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment rates. For shoppers, e-Commerce apps simplify the buying experience, assisting them in comparing product features, prices and helping them make global choices irrespective of their location. We’re barely scratching the surface. Here are several irrefutable reasons why your e-store needs a mobile app. 1. Your Shoppers Want The App! A study conducted by Think With Google has indicated that shoppers prefer shopping through a mobile app rather than websites or going to local stores. The main reason forSEE DETAILS

Amazon Seo Services

How to Use Amazon Paid Ads to Drive Sales

February 13, 2020

It is said that 80% of advertisers on Amazon come armed with strategies to enhance their advertising spend. The time has come to amp-up your Amazon Advertising game as the competition is going to get stiffer by the day. What is Amazon PPC?The Amazon Pay Per Click is known to be the best advertising platform to help sellers intensify their product sales online. The advertisers will have to pay only when a buyer clicks on their ads.Amazon Advertising includes three different advertising formats for sellers: Product Display Ads, Sponsored Brands, andSEE DETAILS

Mobile App Marketing

6 Mobile Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Sales

February 3, 2020

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion (and counting) users of smartphones worldwide today? This means that a little over 45 percent of people in the world have a smartphone, with nine new users added by the second.The U.S. alone accounts for 65 percent of the global population of people who own smartphones.The numbers don’t stop there though. A survey by iAcquire reveals that 70 percent of consumer mobile behaviors – mostly searches – trigger an action in just an hour’s time.This goes to show how the mobile technologySEE DETAILS

Artificial Intelligence in App

How to use Machine learning and AI in your app to attract more users?

January 29, 2020

In the next two years, the number of businesses implementing machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will double. Currently, market research shows that businesses using ML and AI are receiving funding more easily than the ones that are not.Are you too traditional when it comes to developing and deploying apps? Then you must be missing out considerably on new customer acquisition, and retention in comparison to your rivals. More than 40% of all US companies are using ML and AI to upgrade their marketing and sales.Here’s how you canSEE DETAILS

iOS App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing Tips to Increase Your Downloads

January 28, 2020

So, you have finally finished working on your app – the icon, design, everything is perfect! It runs smooth as butter on Android and iOS. BUT there’s just one big problem – no one is downloading it!If you are facing this problem, know that you are not alone. The number of apps in the Google Play Store and iOS stores are 2.6 million and 2.2 million as of May 2019. However, according to market research, each person only uses 5 apps they have downloaded on their personal devices.Here are 7SEE DETAILS

Etsy Marketing Services

5 Ways to Make Get Greater Sales on Etsy

January 22, 2020

Just like Google and Amazon, Etsy is a huge search engine in itself. Etsy is a place to sell your art and craft – and market test your creative abilities. Etsy brings thousands of opportunities to grow your business rapidly. It is turning stay-at-home moms into the business. However, it      is not sufficient to just open a shop on Etsy and expect the customers to storm in and purchase your product.To be seen on Etsy, you have to be a shrewd marketer. If you want people to take yourSEE DETAILS

How to Boost Amazon Sales

Expert Seller Tips to Boost Amazon Sales in 2020

January 21, 2020

What professional works does an Amazon optimization agency do to help you get more sales and conversions? If you have been on Amazon as a seller, this though might have come to you many a time. Here are some expert seller tips to get more customers and drive your sales revenue.#1. Know how customers search for your productsYou may have one product, but customers might search it in hundred different ways or keywords as we have illustrated above where a buyer is interested in buying a story book, but AmazonSEE DETAILS

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