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Leveraging Google Business Profile to Expand Your Customer Base in 2024

Leveraging Google Business Profile to Expand Your Customer Base in 2024

December 28, 2023

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Google Launches Rival to ChatGPT: Introducing Bard

Google Launches Rival to ChatGPT: Introducing Bard

March 2, 2023

Google has announced the launch of its latest AI language model, Bard, which is set to rival the likes of OpenAI's GPT-3 and other existing language models. According to Google, Bard is capable of generating natural language that is fluent, coherent, and relevant to the conversation.

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SEO Content Writing & SEO Copywriting: Why Both Are Important?

September 26, 2021

SEO Content Writing & SEO Copywriting both have their distinct purposes to serve. Their differences are important as their outcomes will be unsatisfactory if they are not combined effectively. One needs a different set of skill set for SEO content writing and SEO copywriting and that's the expertise of a content marketer.

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How Voice Search is Changing Online Business Optimization Scenario

January 24, 2019

You are finally home, tired from the day’s work and looking forward to relax for some time and watch your favorite show on the television. Instead of hunting under cushions or on the center table for the illusive remote control (which never seems to be where you left it last) you just say, “Alexa, please switch on the television.” And voila! Who needs that wretched remote control anymore anyway?

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Google Announces Springboard App and Redesigned Google Sites – An Early Adopter Program

June 17, 2016

A new tool in the market Springboard tool, coming from none other than the leading search engine Google is all set to put the right information at your fingertips. So what’s new, you may ask. Google has been at the forefront of placing qualified information at our fingertips for years now.

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Google Update – Extended Length for Title and Description in Search Results

May 25, 2016

When Google sneezes, the web world catches cold.  The latest Google update in organic search happened on the 4th of May, 2016. According to reports, "Google updated the search results layout to give organic listings an increased title tag size as well as increased width of the Featured Snippets/Answer Boxes, but have decreased the height of the Featured Snippets/Answer Boxes.” (more…)


Google’s “Phantom” or “Quality” Algorithm Update Lowers Websites Rankings Badly

June 23, 2015

Google's April algorithm update "Mobilegeddon" was designed to favor mobile-friendly sites. Hence, the fall in the search engine rankings of smartphone-friendly sites in a week after the mobile update was quite a shock. Websites, both desktops and even mobile-friendly ones, have lost rankings in the latest search results – especially those websites that don’t boast of rich, informative, value-added content.

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Google New Algorithm to Penalize Non-Responsive Sites

April 16, 2015

It can be outright frustrating if the website you are trying to access comes up all spread out and garbled on your device. Well, there is nothing wrong with your phone. The website is just not up with the times.


Why Infographics are “In”?

November 20, 2013

The latest trend that has caught the attention of content and SEO marketers are infographics. They are “in.” They are hot. They are a great tool for your social media marketing strategy. An infographic is a presentation of data or information through the combination of text and graphic visual representations. Over the past years, infographics have become more effective in attracting and retaining the readers’ attention than plain text. (more…)

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Reach out to your local Customers with Local Search Optimization

November 25, 2010

The latest trend to hit the tech world of connectivity and networking is local search engine optimization. With web technologies for targeting exact geographical locations advancing at a blazing pace, everyone who needs to reach out to its local target audience is jumping on to the bandwagon of local search. It has now become vital for everyone, from companies large and small to individual entrepreneurs and startups to promote their business in a way that their local audience can find them.

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The Essence of Latent Semantic Indexing

January 12, 2009

Latent Semantic Indexing is increasingly being used by leading search engine Google as the scanner to sift through the ocean of content and pick information that is valuable, well presented and original.  Stiff competition among the search engines and the constant struggle to control spamming and to provide searchers with the valuable content has prompted Google to look beyond the earlier popular method of measuring density of primary and secondary keywords. Other search engines are, needless to say, following suit. (more…)

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Want To Make Web 2.0 Work For Your Business?

January 4, 2008

Silicon Valley loves its buzzwords, and none more than it does Web 2.0 these days. But what exactly is it in terms of website development and strategic internet marketing? Unless you're a diehard techie, wish you good luck in figuring out what it means. (more…)