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Top 5 Trends to Rock Social Media in 2019

December 2, 2018

Standing apart and getting noticed in the endless flood of information that streams into the social media every second across the world is no mean task. Look around and you will easily find people who have burnt their fingers as well as deep holes in their pockets with social media marketing. A commonly heard story is “I pumped in money to set up ads, boosted posts, promoted tweets and sponsored video did everything right but got no returns.” Well, there is more to it than meets the eye.

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Best ways to Promote Business on Facebook and Instagram

July 26, 2018

With more than 3.19 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, you can’t risk ignoring your promotional strategy there. From brand awareness to engagement to conversion, Facebook and Instagram marketing is helping organizations of all sizes and types to achieve these goals at a lower investment than what they do with other formats of marketing, viz., SEO, affiliate and PPC, among others. To make the most of your Facebook and Instagram marketing endeavor, it’s important for you or your digital marketing agency to understand the demographics of your target audience.


Twitter Update 2016 – Removes Image, URL, Names from 140-Character Limit

June 3, 2016

Did the Twitter 140-character limit hamper your creativity? Did you feel frustrated that you could not write more in a tweet because the url share or picture ate up those few characters?

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5 Social Media Buttons That Should Be Added To Your Site

September 27, 2013

In the previous blog, we discussed about the importance of keeping social media buttons to a minimal on your website. The next big question that arises is which buttons to retain and which one to remove. First and foremost, any social networking site that brings you maximum visitors and shares should be your top choice for the social media buttons display. Remove the ones that don’t have any followers and don’t bring you any visitors. After all, a social networking page with unremarkable followers can be an eyesore. Let’s now talk about the USP and benefits of few of the networking sites that must be added on your site, because of their massive popularity and millions of users. (more…)

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Why too many Social Media Buttons are not Good for your Site?

September 11, 2013

Social media has changed the way people communicate these days. It’s proliferation and popularity has compelled businesses to take up social media marketing aggressively. Adding social media buttons on your website and on the bottom of your blog is a must! In fact, it is the wisest social media marketing move. (more…)

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46% Youth in India Access Social Media Daily, HT-MaRS Youth Survey 2013

August 19, 2013

According to a fresh HT-MaRS Youth Survey 2013, 46% youth in India log onto the networking sites daily.


9 Must-do’s on Pinterest for Effective Social Media Marketing

August 9, 2013

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Facebook Jumps on the Hashtag Bandwagon

July 3, 2013

’Keeping up with the Joneses’ is the most apt proverb for the social media. If one top social networking site starts an innovative trend that helps users connect better, in no time you will have all others jumping on to the bandwagon. (more…)


Disadvantages and Advantages of Social Media Marketing

May 21, 2013

Social media has emerged as a strong marketing and advertising tool in the last few years. Be it a start-up company or an established organization, all have their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin profiles in place to share their every new launch and offers on these social media websites. (more…)

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Importance of Social Networking in Business Development

January 10, 2013

“The marketing departments of 94% of all businesses employed social media for product or services marketing.” “Almost 60% of marketers are investing the equivalent of a full work day to social media marketing development and maintenance” “85% of all businesses with a dedicated social media platform as part of their marketing strategy registered an increase in their market exposure” “58% of businesses that have employed social media marketing for over 3 years reported a growth in sales over that period”

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Social Media Marketing Will Gain Greater Prominence

October 13, 2009

The most dreaded word in the last decade was ‘recession’. A host of other words that gained short term importance for a while were cost-cutting and layoffs. With companies taking to rampant cost-cutting in their advertising budgets, one was left wondering whether big corporates and organizations would stop promoting their goods and services all together. But marketing is a continuous activity and is something which cannot be dispensed with. Message after message have to be churned out from time to time in order to keep your brand on the top of mind of consumers.

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Social Media Sites Connect You to Your Targeted Audience

September 21, 2009

One more term which is increasingly being heard in the internet world these days, especially with regard to the way in which people are communicating and connecting over the web is “Social Media”. Social media typically refers to social networking platforms and no online marketer can ignore the importance of such platforms especially with regard to creating a buzz about a particular product or service or event or issue. Having said that, one can add that most marketers are not using this powerful platform the way they should be doing it.

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Building Strong Brands Through Social Networking

July 30, 2009

Social networking is catching on very quickly among marketers in this fast-changing world where new applications are being implemented on the internet almost every day. Now, appropriate web marketing can create very loyal customers for your brand. The term viral marketing is very apt in social networking because once a new trend or a video becomes popular on the web, it spreads across the whole online community like a “virus”. Brands are using web marketing, in social networking sites, very innovatively through events, quizzes, contests and other applications of the sorts to very smartly drive traffic to their websites and thereby improve their performance. (more…)

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Twitter- The New Step towards Online Success

April 17, 2009

Myspace Marketing

Leverage MySpace to Build Your Brand

April 9, 2009

The success of a web site depends on lots of things such as appealing design, good backend structure, well written content with proper keywords, and how diligently the site has been marketed on the web. Viral marketing helps in making your web site get noticed on major search engines and goes a long way in building your brand equity. (more…)

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Social Media Optimization …First Five Rules…Reloaded

October 17, 2007

Param Shobhit Team Leader - Web Content