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  • Web Usability
  • Strategy Planning
  • Branding Website
  • Creative Marketing
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Web 2.0 Solutions

We have developed high–performance Web 2.0 solutions for our clients. As you might be aware, Web 2.0 applications are easily the hottest and most happening things on the web today. They have revolutionized the way Internet is being perceived and utilized by users today.

Users today have the power to control their own data. For instance, the focus has shifted from packaged software to services that encourage collaborative participation such as Google AdSense, which leverages customer self-service to reach out to the “long tail”.

From designing and developing social networking sites, viral marketing and Ajax–powered solutions to conducting successful paid search campaigns and search engine optimization – our rich repertoire includes all kinds of highly effective and user–centric solutions. Browse our portfolio to get a better idea.

We deliver turnkey website development and web marketing solutions that leverage the latest Web 2.0 applications.

For instance, our comprehensive web marketing campaign includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), campaign management, promotions via podcasts, social networking and social book marking sites, submissions in Google Base, writing and distribution of articles and press releases, participation in relevant forums and blogs amongst others

Web Usability Testing

The mantra for web usability is “don’t make me think!” Every time a user has to think about how to find something on your site, it makes her lose patience and chances are she will leave your site dissatisfied.

The key lies in making them take an action with ease – be it buying a product, subscribing to a service or signing up for a newsletter, etc.

The ultimate measure of usability is the conversion rate, i.e. how many visitors convert into paying customers. We test your website for usability to find and solve the problems which are causing poor conversions.

Our expert website usability testing methods rectify the problems in the site and ensure higher conversion rate for your website.

Strategy Planning

Our clients value us for the insights we provide into their needs. Many a time we have done hand-holding for our clients who are new entrants into the web arena. We also have clients who had witnessed tremendous success in their web ventures but approached us when faced with an inexplicable downswing.

Our strategy planning based on in depth research into the client’s core competencies, target market, weak spots and key areas of growth helped them regain their top positions.

Branding Website

Your website must serve as the mirror that reflects your company’s corporate identity. The principles it stands for, its products and services, its achievements and its unique features – things that differentiate your company from your competitors.

A strong corporate identity is the pillar to building a powerful brand image on the web.

Our website designers and programmers strive to create web pages that are attractive, interactive, relevant, user–friendly and reflect your organization’s business identity.

The design, color, and content are all chosen to enhance your brand equity, attract higher traffic, and generate sales.

The design, color, and content are all chosen to enhance your brand equity, attract higher traffic, and generate sales.

Creative Marketing

We effectively handle creative marketing for your website. We specialize in writing and designing Landing Pages, Squeeze (Capture) Pages, Banners Ads, Mailers, and various creative collaterals that engage the visitor and more often than not convert her into a buyer.

Every collateral is copy written after meticulous research into the features and benefits of your product or service AND is designed to reflect your company′s corporate identity and enhance your brand equity.

Quality Assurance

We have Quality Assurance systems in place to ensure that all details concerning content, technology or medium are error–free.

We have all our products tested and validated for content, language usage, interface design, programming, media elements and functionality by quality assurance experts.

Even after the application has been delivered and deployed, we continue to provide Quality Control services to the client to eliminate risks and errors.

Today, our clients look upon us for not only “one–email–or–phone–call–away” service but also suggestions, advice and guidance that they value tremendously.

Lets get started. Get smart effective solutions for your business today.

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