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The 7 Biggest eCommerce Web Development Trends for 2021

May 26, 2021 |

We will likely continue to see eCommerce web development trends in 2021, that were laser-focused on removing obstacles to buyer experience and making it easier to gain the touch and feel of the products that are in demand. This article attempts to bring together all the relevant features that your eCommerce development company should be able to implement keeping in mind the requirements of scaling site content and commerce for the future.

  1. Commerce Goes Headless: What this means is that, essentially, the way websites store, handle, and deliver their content need no longer be specific to your device or browser. Web development traditionally used to have two components to data and service management and delivery – the front-end (which was basically a template or theme that appeared to browser users as a webpage or a native mobile app) and the back-end (which was where different APIs from various sources were delivering content, images, videos, and products). Removing the front-end means that content can now be delivered directly to fitbits, stand-alone screens, Alexa Skills, and many other embedded systems. This makes headless eCommerce most suitable for an omnichannel, Internet-of-Things experience. The advantage for your customers is that you get to come to them where they are. For example, smart watch users can receive fitness advice directly on this device as a service, instead of them having to install space-consuming apps for the same.
  2. Searching with Voice-Based Engines: Google’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have made it very easy for people to search for buy-able products on the internet. There is a lower probability of error in a voice search because the machine that converts your voice into a local language does not make typos and gives instant results. That means you get more time to impress the user with site functions and features instead of wasting your temporal estate with lengthy SEO keywords.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: If you’re not using AI in your daily tasks, you are most likely losing out on potential productivity. In eCommerce marketing, AI is the most logical method to predict future user behaviors, triggers, and purchasing ability. Of course, how well your webpage AI captures this information will depend upon how well the underlying algorithm making the AI work has been written by the marketing AI developer.
  4. Marketing Automation: Self-evolving content based on instant insights gleaned from AI-powered devices and channels, custom landing pages, and one-click shopping cart access are some of the hallmarks of automated marketing. A few years ago, automation in marketing would only have meant pre-scheduled delivery of emails and social media messages.
  5. Subscription Models: Businesses selling online are increasingly moving to let out services and product usage instead of direct ownership. Not only does this make for more economical and hence, more manageable payment outgoes for buyers, it also ensures cash-flow – that most important fuel for sustainable business. But to ensure continued user engagement, subscription models need to market value and not gimmicks or ephemeral benefits.
  6. Augmented Reality: AR is a powerful tool to give your user the touch and feel of products, such as clothes, shoes, bicycles, and more, before they make a purchase decision.
  7. Tech-Enhanced Delivery and Shipment: Use of GPS trackers on shipping vehicles and even drone-delivery, are services that give instant and continuous information to the user who can’t wait for a product to arrive.

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