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The Fundamentals Of A Good Website

November 9, 2009 | Wisitech InfoSolutions There are many intricate details which have to be borne in mind when conceptualizing a good website. When we say a good website, what do we mean by good? What is it we term as a good website? A good website should be user friendly, result oriented and easily navigable. Content should not be heavy. There should be a delicate balance between content and graphics. The visual weight of a website is what will finally decide how appealing a website is. Visual weight defines itself as how soon and how long you are able to catch the attention of a visitor on your website. Originality is the most essential aspect of a good website. Every web designer is not creative enough to come up with an innovative website each time. If you can, well and good. Otherwise, the end user and what the website is about have to be taken care of while integrating a new website to existing templates. Many designers will agree with the fact that web designing is a self learning process. Practice is what makes you perfect. The more you will experiment will new concepts, the broader your horizons will expand. Everything in your website should be pleasing to the eye. You have to lead a visitor through your web pages very cleverly. To showcase the different functionalities and features of your website, you should use the tools of colour, font, contrast, etc very effectively. Typography should be right. Content should be precise and relevant. With very less time on their hands, a website visitor will not spend much time on your website. In the little time you have, content should be enough to play your credentials right. Spacing is another constraint you have to keep in mind. Appropriate word spacing, line spacing and paragraph spacing is very important. More important is the spacing between different areas in a web page. There should be appropriate white spacing for proper contrast. Your website should not be confusing and it should be easily navigable. The usability of a good website should be taken care of and very carefully thought out. What would a potential visitor want from your website? What would be his clicking pattern? By taking these fundamentals into consideration, one can design a good website.

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