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The Most Prominent Reasons Apps Fail & How to Avoid Them

November 25, 2019 | Dindayal Gupta

Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile Web. When Flurry came about this stunning fact in 2015, businesses owners having apps were more than happy to embrace it. But soon in the same year, Google came with a shocking revelation.

“25% of installed apps are never used”

“26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use”

With more app choices available at Google Play, iOS App Store and other app distribution platforms, user’s expectation is on the cloud nine, and a minor mobile experience flaw can push your app behind the competition.

Recently, app strategists, UX-designers, and app developers at Wisitech were assigned with the job of finding the most prominent reasons of an app failure and reinventing the user-engagement approach to address those daunting app uninstallation or app abandonment challenges.

  1. Poor Onboarding Experience

Like websites, mobile apps need to deliver the cutting-edge performance to stay up to the user’s expectation from the very beginning. Yes, an app that doesn’t provide smooth and fast onboarding experience is mostly likely to be shown the Trash or Recycle Bin.

Make it easier for a user to register or sign-up with your app. Using social authentication with Firebase or similar plugin helps you ease the process. Even you can make it optional and postpone it for a later stage, when users have made up their mind to do business with you- subscribe, purchase, donate, etc.

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  1. Unsatisfactory Performance

An app that takes unprecedented time to load on the device, or respond to the user’s stimuli slowly suffer the brunt of app uninstallation. Remember, user’s attention span has decreased and they are highly impatient to get what they want. This is perhaps the demand of their life. For example, a person looking for a rental truck, or last-minute flight expect a quick service. If your app fails to make it fast, he or she is likely to quit your app and switch to that of your competitors. App developers have a big role to play here. They should optimize their coding and emulate the app’s performance on all targeted devices test its efficiency. Creating light-weight apps that consume less of system’s resources can help with the goal.

  1. Poor User interface

Users often uninstall an app and go for its alternatives if they don’t find it easy to navigate through an app’s features, options, or screens. Enabling users to navigate through your app easily could be a differentiation factor. The role of your UI-UX designer is of prime importance in this regard. Make your designer understand what your audience or customers expect from your business or app. For example, if you have a shopping app, it’s imperative to respect the shopper’s rights to compare products by features, usability, reviews and ratings, etc. These are the things that will bring users down to the shopping funnel and urge them to spend their hard-earned money on your app. Encourage the use of icons and texts that clearly conveys the message you want to deliver.

  1. Technical Flaws

Technical errors may derail the user experience and compel users to uninstall an app. Make your app build run through the emulator many a time. Debug an app using different debugging tools made available with the IDE (Integrated development environment).  The most effective way to counter technical flaws is to follow an Agile development methodology, where errors are addressed after every app build. It also saves the time and efforts of the mobile app development team and reduces the TTM (Time-to-Market).

  1. Privacy Concerns

While installing an app, you might have come across requests of your app regarding getting access to your phone’s contact, social media contacts, messages, camera’s, locations, etc. Mind your business. Users are not going to depart easily from their personal information. Make your app run using the minimal personal information of the users. In the past few years, privacy concerns have become a noticeable factor for mobile app abandonment.

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