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The personal weblog is professional now!

January 22, 2008 | Wisitech InfoSolutions professional-blogBlogging that started as personalized form of writing journals on anything and everything under the sun, is no longer just that. Its grown by leaps and bounds to take not only the web world by storm but also the world at large – business, politics, education, sports, arts, culture, entertainment, health….no field can ignore this phenomenon.

Blogging has given a whole new dimension to communication, sharing of ideas, networking with like-minded people, getting feedback, creating public opinion, breaking news, real time information…..and its reach and impact is growing everyday.

Not surprisingly then, the corporate and industrial sectors have promptly spotted the immense potential of blogging in improving business networking, boosting marketing and promotion of products and services and of course, enhancing corporate branding and image.

The personal weblog (as a blog was known originally) has now become a highly professional area of expertise.

So what’s the big difference between personal and professional blogging?

As TechRepublic VP Bob Artner puts it, personal blogs usually overlook the key factors a professional blogger would swear by, which are Tone, Audience, Focus, Frequency and Yourself (or TAFFY as he calls it).

While personal blogs harangue and tend to talk loud and big, at times even be rude or overly cute, professional blogging keeps its tone simple and straight and to the point. Most importantly, it has its laser sharp focus on its audience (no place for irrelevant links here) and its subject matter (after all readers will be coming to it for some insights) and it is regularly updated with relevant entries.

Besides, the blogger’s own personal views and standpoint must also get reflected in here (after all, it is a personal account).

Particularly when blogging is being utilized as a vehicle for marketing and promotion, it has to be strategically positioned, and focused on projecting the benefits of the item it is promoting (whether a product or a service or a website).

However, it should steer clear from an overt or loud sales pitch to sound convincing to the reader. Any marketing message needs to be inserted ever so subtly, with relevant links placed under keywords.

Along with the personal tone, the blog should provide the reader with some valuable insights into the subject under discussion – be it vital information, opinion, tips, advice or anything you think could be of use to the reader.

This would help the reader draw benefit from your blog, feel encouraged to check out the stuff the blogger recommended, perhaps even go on to make a purchase decision. Besides, he/she can post comments on the blog, link it up with his/her own posts, bookmark it and thus bring in traffic to the blog.

But for all this to happen, one has to keep in mind the two basic principles –  who you are writing the blog for and why you are writing it.

If you focus on your target audience and purpose laser-sharp, your simple blog post can go on to make a big difference!

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