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The Ultimate Guide to SEO Plan to Rank on Google’s First Page in 2021

September 20, 2021 |
Also referred to as search engine optimization or SEO approach, an SEO strategy is the process of planning and executing steps for improvement in search engine rankings. A major advantage of having a successful SEO strategy in place is that it will show a brand to searchers at various phases of the customer journey. Thus, your organization will become a reliable and familiar resource for customers irrespective of where they are in the purchase funnel. To put it simply, SEO planning is the process to be followed for enjoying higher organic traffic. This is a guide where you will be introduced to certain tips on proper SEO planning and implantation to rank on the first page of Google in 2021.

1. Create Most Relevant List of Keywords

Proper research of keywords is the initial step for any successful SEO planning. After all, these play the most important role in search engine optimization. It is easy to identify keywords used for searching by your target customers. Go to the search field of Google and start keying in a keyword. The search field is populated with certain suggestions. All these suggestions are excellent keywords for search engine optimization as you are getting them straight from Google. It also means people are searching for these keywords.

2. Content Should Be Incredibly Useful

Web content is not only restricted to your blog. It also includes articles, videos, how-to guides, live chat, webinars, and articles among others. You should ensure useful content not only on your website but also on various other channels on the web where your prospects visit. It is important to use different types of content for responding to your customer queries, You should understand their pain areas and offer solutions accordingly.

3. Your Content Should Be Better and Stand Out

The content you post on your website should not only be of high quality but has to be better, as well as, different from what your competitors are posting on their websites. The content has to be different because it is crucial to come up with something better and more innovative than what is available. It also means that your content should stand out in the crowd.

4. Analyze the First Page of Google

It is not just enough to have a list of the most relevant keywords with you. You need to also find out what is working for those short-listed keywords. To accomplish this, simply key in one of those keywords you discovered from Google. Next, go through the top 10 search engine results. You should make a note of any particular pattern, which you serve.

5. Take Care of Your Page Speed and SSL Certificate

The best web pages should typically load within just three seconds, If your website takes more time to load, visitors will not like to visit it. It is extremely important information that Google uses in its algorithm for displaying the sites in their search results. If you have not yet got an SSL certificate, you should get it done as soon as possible. Google requires anything on the net should travel over HTTPS, which it considers to be a secure funnel. Any unencrypted website is flagged by the browser as unsecured. Getting an SSL certificate is easy and just takes some hours.

6. Make Sure Your Website Gets a Check-up

Analyze your website carefully. You should check ether your URLs, page titles, Meta description, and image tags are all in place or not. Identify those web pages of yours, which enjoy maximum popularity in search results. Go through your meta description and draw a comparison with your rivals on the page. Analyze whether the page title describes its content accurately or not. Use best practices and contemplate to upgrade your meta content.

7. Presence of Backlinks is Crucial

In case no other website is linking to your site, your ranking can suffer on Google search results. Backlinks from reputed sites are acknowledged by Google. However, Google does not value what it identifies as blackhat links. Such links will have an adverse impact on your rankings on search engines. The quality of your Backlinks is directly proportional to your Google search rankings.

8. Monitor Your Progress

It is important to evaluate all your hard work continuously. You should identify KPIs or performance metrics depending on your particular business goals. Monitoring your progress will help you to know how successful your SEO planningI and the improvement areas if any. Are you in pursuit of quality SEO services India? Make sure to contact us for any queries. We are a leading search engine optimization agency in the country. SEO Plan

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