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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools For Effective Online Business Growth

December 28, 2021 |

Digital Marketing Tools for Effective Online Business Growth Digital marketers modify their activities and strategies every year according to the ever-evolving digital trends. Every year there the pattern of human interaction changes and so does the digital space. 2021 witnessed huge shifts in digital trends, spending patterns. Tracking and analyzing them is crucial for the future of marketing in 2022. Professional digital marketers do it with tools to help you grow your business online.

While there are thousands of digital marketing tools online, it’s important to know the must-haves. If you have decided to do digital marketing for your business yourself, these tools are must-haves. Consider these tools to ensure that you aren’t spending your valuable time on tedious tasks.

How Do Digital Marketing Tools Help?

Digital marketing tools help research keywords, brand monitoring, email automation. Most tools offer both free and paid options and also consistent free versions with limited features. You can either subscribe to the limited versions or upgrade them as per your requirements. It is important to understand that not every tool is suitable for every business. Your business goals and niche decide what tool you should use. The tools help to craft an effective digital marketing strategy considering the analysis in a much effective and scientific way. These tools also help you track your activities and results so that you can modify and manage your efforts efficiently, giving you a competitive edge.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Online in 2022:

1. Google Analytics

There is nothing better than getting inputs from Google itself. Plus, Google Analytics is a free tool. It gives you everything you need to track and analyze your website. You can also track your digital marketing campaigns and real-time visitors.

Google Analytics gives you the exact location of the visitors, which web pages they are spending more time on, how much time, and also the bounce rate. In addition to this, conversion rates, and user engagement can also be easily tracked and analyzed with Google Analytics.

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2. Screaming Frog SEO

If you have been doing many SEO activities with not-so-impressive results, STOP! You need to revisit your efforts and check where you are going wrong. SEO is tricky and professionals know how to satisfy the algorithms. However, you can do it too. All you need is a proper audit of your website. Screaming Frog is an easy-to-use SEO crawling tool. This tool provides important SEO-related information about your site that you can download and run an audit of all meta tags, contents, coding, etc. It helps identify any site errors that may be impacting your SEO activities negatively. Furthermore, you can link this tool with Moz, Google Analytics, etc. for even more information.

3. Hootsuite

Being a professional digital marketing agency, we understand the difficulty to manage everything at a time. We handle multiple projects with different aspects and responsibilities. It takes time, energy, and expertise to manage your social accounts correctly and get the right results. Hootsuite is a great social media management (SMM) tool that helps you store your content and post them on scheduled time on multiple platforms. You can store multiple posts with all hashtags and target keywords. It is an ideal tool when you are handling multiple social media platforms to grow your business. It also enables you to track the engagement of each post, calculate conversions, and ROI.

4. SEMrush

Content is the key to any marketing campaign. Search Engine algorithms make it especially challenging to create effective SEO content. Not only it needs to appeal to your human eyes but also the technical scrutiny of Google and other search engines. SEMrush helps in improving your campaigns and web content by finding valuable keywords, earning backlinks. It also helps to track your site’s performance.

5. MailChimp

Email marketing has always been treasured by marketing agencies across the globe. Despite all speculations, almost 80% of the B2B and B2C companies use email marketing technology to reach their target audience. MailChimp helps you create and manage mailing lists and also offers automated marketing campaigns, newsletters, etc. Newsletters are an important part of your marketing efforts. It informs and educates your customers about your business, your products, and your services. The free plan option of MailChimp for less than 2000 subscribers is an added advantage for small companies and startups.

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If you have tried everything but are still unable to grow your business online, fret not! Wisitech can lead your business to rank higher on Google and improve your social media marketing. We offer guaranteed digital marketing services for all types of eCommerce. Contact us for more information.

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