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Top 5 Trends of Landing Page Design In 2022

March 22, 2022 | Wisitech InfoSolutions Top 5 Trends of Landing Page Design In 2022
A landing page is an independent web page developed for conversion optimization and targeted campaigns. However, what differentiates a mediocre landing page from a superb landing page? Similar to other marketing assets, landing pages get influenced by the latest trends in user experience and visual design. Check out some of the upcoming landing page trends, which can help you in getting high conversions in 2022.

1. Creating a Unique Scrolling Experience

These days, web designers have started doing interesting experiments with different strolling tactics on landing pages to offer a unique user experience. While vertical scrolling is quite common, horizontal scrolling is transforming the concept of UX design, which catches the attention of web users while also being functional and simple. In 2022, we are expecting to find more designs for landing pages, which include unconventional and original approaches to scrolling.

Top Landing Page Design Company

2. Incorporating Micro Animations to Landing Page Design

Short animations in web design have been there for some time now. However, we are anticipating a surge in the popularity of this trend. For instance, subtle animations and GIFs will give a new lease of life to your landing page and offer more interactive experiences for web users.

Just as the name suggests, micro animations are tiny, and yet are incredibly powerful. They highlight crucial segments of landing pages. Micro animations also draw the users’ attention to the content you wish them to go through or the actions you want them to take. Such animations also provide a creative and personal touch to a landing page and make it slightly distinct from the competition.

3. Use Abstract Shapes to Arouse User Interest

If you recall, geometric shapes were a popular website design trend in 2020. However, in 2022, organic-inspired, original, and abstract shapes will be much in demand. For instance, the forms present in nature, such as a lake or a hill, will be quite a rage.

Several brands have started embracing these uncommon shapes and including unanticipated visual elation to their landing pages.

Video on a Landing Page Trends

4. Include Videos on the Landing Page

A prominent web design trend for the current year is to include a video on a landing page. After all, a clip is a powerful tool to narrate a brand story or showcase a service or product in a memorable and meaningful way.

Are you planning to develop a new landing page in the current year? We suggest you include clips in any format that works for your online audience. For instance, a testimonial video or a product explainer has infinite power to convince potential clients to take action.

5. King-Size Titles

You will all agree that the internet is a busy place. Also, potential customers do not have plenty of time to spend on different websites. As such, landing pages are emerging to include brief messages and jumbo-sized, bold headers to draw the user’s focus and increase conversions. These large headings are often used along with a condensed copy of sub-text to offer more contexts to the users.

Are you planning for a superior website landing page design? It makes sense to hire a UI UX designer who is a class apart to make your website stand out in the crowd. It is better to opt for the best web design company so that you are in sync with the most popular trends in 2022.

Contact Wisitech, a company with more than two decades of experience in the digital solutions business. We have a highly skilled and experienced team to offer state-of-the-art digital solutions. These include dynamic web design development, affiliate marketing, mobile apps, and e-commerce sites.

Top 5 Trends of Landing Page Design In 2022

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