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Top 5 Trends to Rock Social Media in 2019

December 2, 2018 |

Standing apart and getting noticed in the endless flood of information that streams into the social media every second across the world is no mean task. Look around and you will easily find people who have burnt their fingers as well as deep holes in their pockets with social media marketing. A commonly heard story is “I pumped in money to set up ads, boosted posts, promoted tweets and sponsored video did everything right but got no returns.” Well, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The Background

Social media platforms started as a great digital forum for getting connected to share information, experiences, photos and stories, where people used to chat with friends or family, forge online relationships and follow their idol’s profiles. Asthe power of the social media exploded, businesses big and small woke up to its incredible potential for targeting qualified audience groups and generating revenue. Just like every other digital medium, social media is constantly changing too, with new trends frequently replacing the previous ones. Analyzing and utilizing these trends is crucial to laser focus business strategies to garner a big audience for your venture and make money. To make things a bit easier for you, here is a list of 5 best social media marketing trends that might help you with making big bucks in 2019: social media marketing What’s Trending

Video features

The success of endorsement through a video largely depends on how viral it goes on various social media platforms. Several trends have been popping up lately that play a pivotal role in making a video go viral. Some of the most popular trends that have emerged in past couple of years and will continue to grow in the next year are 360 Degree Videos, Square-Shaped Videos, and the ‘Stories’ feature on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. While 360 Degree Videos give a 360 degree tour of a particular location or event, Square-Shaped Videos are best suited for mobile devices and usually get viral these days because most of the people use cell phones to watch video clips. “Stories” feature on various social media platforms let the videos stay highlighted on the platform for 24 hours. Again, this kind of video goes viral really quick as it disappears in a day. Hence, it compels the users to make the purchase immediately.

Live streaming

Live streaming is yet another great example of personalized customer experience. Through features like Facebook Live and YouTube Live, businesses are live streaming behind-the-scenes look of their products and services to their targeted customers. This develops an instant connect and customers find it interesting to engage real time with a leading personality of the company talking about the product or service. Live streaming in 2019 is going to witness cut-throat competition in pushing the latest deals and offers. The instant connect brings instant customers, propelling an on-your-feet purchase decision.

User feedback

This is one of the most reliable and hottest social media trends for any kind of business. Not only has it made the potential customers trust in the product, but also has given them a hands-on experience by a user who is already utilizing the product. Businesses have been posting the feedbacks of their customers on various social media platforms as well as on several online stores too that give an honest description of the product. Reviews on online stores, star ratings, recommendations, feedback on messenger apps – the options for receiving qualified user feedback are many. Businesses are aggressively utilizing the features offered by social media to make the experience more user-friendly, interactive and engaging for the customers. social media services

Chatbot assistance

Chatbots and messenger apps are apt medium for customers to reach out to the respective businesses. In the same manner, the businesses can provide prompt assistance to their customers through these too. Several businesses have integrated chatbots on their Facebook pages that enable the potential customers who are curious about a particular product or service to inquire about it and receive an immediate response. The use of chatbots is undoubtedly going to be an efficient way to increase engagement and win the trust of the customers in the coming year. Other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Kik have also included the chatbot features.

YouTube influencers

YouTube Influencers with thousands of subscribers and are nothing less than celebrities with their own fan following. Therefore, to get them to endorse a business or product is a great idea to ensure instant reach and connect. A video by a popular YouTube influencer goes viral in minutes and if it is compelling and persuasive enough to convince the subscribers about your product or service, you will find the orders rolling in. Social media has indeed played a pivotal role in providing a personalized experience to the customers and have boosted several businesses. This is only going to elevate in 2019 as more businesses will be opting for various promotion strategies for their products and services on these platforms. Also, the number of social media users is bound to increase significantly.

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