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Top 5 Recent Website Design Trends that Impact Customer Experience

October 26, 2018 |

By Shubhang Saurav

Since the origin of mankind, humans have always been attracted towards arts as a visual representation of something or someone that is easy to understand and takes less time to comprehend. Even if the subject has a certain kind of complexity to it, in the visual form it becomes much more simplified and its intended impact stays intact in front of the audience. Every element that exists in this world has a certain artistic trait, be it a business or any other kind of profession, and the internet isn’t untouched for sure. After the emergence of numerous websites involved in an infinite number of businesses, the artistic aspects have become much important than ever due to several reasons, most important of which is to lead the cut-throat competition every second. Several technological advancements in the field of website designing have emerged lately that connect it with the aspects of technology such as improved website design frameworks, new innovations in user experience/user interface (UX/UI), artificial intelligence (AI), parallax scrolling etc.  

Bootstrap framework

website designing company in delhi

A website designed on Bootstrap framework

Currently, there have been several website design frameworks that are considered to respond efficiently by both web designers and web developers like Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, Skeleton etc. Among these, Bootstrap has emerged as one of the best responsive website design frameworks. Bootstrap is known for its structured grid system and various navigational elements and also has a start-up guide that helps the developers to build various kinds of websites without much hassle. Besides it, the framework has a strong mobile support that makes the websites built with it easily viewable on any mobile device like cell phones and tablets.  

UX/UI elements

UI UX design agency in delhi

UX/UI design plays a pivotal role in determining the overall look of a website

Designers and developers are focusing on improving the UX/UI aspects of websites as an essential part of design. A satisfying and efficient experience to the users browsing through the websites has always been a major concern for developers. UI design, an integral part of UX, has provided the essential techniques to meet the expectations.  

AI assistance

web design agency in india

The Microsoft chatbot Ruuh is an example of AI interface

AI is one of the most trending digital elements that have been integrated in almost all spheres of technology, especially in robotics and website development. Not only it helps the developers greatly to build websites without glitches or bugs, but also provides assistance to users in form of various website design aspects. One of the finest examples of AI is chatbots that enable the users to chat with the AI regarding any query and auto suggestions where the users are provided with suggestions based on their search experience. UNICEF’s U-Report is a Facebook Messenger-based chatbot that helps people speak about urgent needs in their communities.  

Parallax scrolling

best website designing company in delhi

Parallax scrolling gives an impression of 3D interface on a 2D plane

Parallax scrolling is yet another innovative and one of the latest trending website design aspects that has emerged popular in recent years. It helps the users in scrolling background and foreground content of a web page at different speed. This technique creates an illusion of depth giving a 3D effect to 2D elements. This scrolling experience is definitely visually appealing to the users and also highlights the information provided on the websites. The website The Boat, which tells a story in a comic book format, has a great parallax scrolling feature.  

Design trends

UI UX design firm in india

Homepage of a flat design website

Two website design trends that have taken the internet by storm in recent times are flat and material design. Flat design format reduces the loading time of the web pages to a significant extent, whereas material design emphasizes on minute multimedia elements such as layers, shades, color theme, animations etc. Material design also enhances the navigation experience of the website. There are many more other design-aspects that can be taken care to make the customer experience better for your website. Most of it comes from the current trends and observation. If these two are followed consistently, running a website smoothly will be a hassle-free experience.

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