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Top 6 Website Design Trends to Watch in 2022

February 18, 2022 | Wisitech InfoSolutions What-Are-The-Top-Website-Design-Trends-To-Watch-in-2022Are you aware of the most popular website design trends to watch in 2022? Most of us scroll through several websites daily. Some of these websites look so unappealing that we forget about them instantly. On the other hand, there are a few websites we like to visit repeatedly for their aesthetics and ease of navigation. Website design is emerging as an incredibly sophisticated business.

Today, every brand is hiring specialists to design their websites. It is imperative to stay updated on the latest website design trends. The article covers the top website design trends to watch in 2022.

1. Embedded Videos

If you add a short clip on the home page of your website, it can enhance the overall appeal of your portal. Embedding videos on your home page is one of the top website design trends this year. The feature enables online visitors to enjoy mesmerizing visual experiences of behind-the-scenes or distribution, creation, packaging, and manufacturing processes of the products they are interested in.


2. Increasing Popularity of Single-Page Website

In several scenarios, websites redirect online visitors to a different source. One-page portals compel designers to reconsider their structure or plan in totality. Designers have now started determining the content they should highlight as soon as the visitors see the webpage.

However, these websites are more effective when there are narrower subject matters like a portfolio. Additionally, they act as a bridge for directing people to their desired content more efficiently and faster.


3. Interactive Fonts

Experimenting with fonts on your website does not necessarily mean playing with oversized typography. You can make your website more interactive in various other ways. Some websites include texts displaying shadow effects or ones that change width or line weight when you take the cursor over it.


4. Micro-Animation

Micro-animation is not exactly a new trend as it is there for some time now. For instance, tiny animations are available in many website layouts for quite some time. However, the trend is noteworthy when it is used to add depth and enhance a website’s feel. Subtle yet tiny movements on the webpage give a new life to its content. The feature also improves the experience of your website visitors.

5. Use of Bolder and Bigger Typography

Ask any web designer and they will confirm how much they love to flirt with typography while working on a website. At times, when the typography is bolder and bigger, the website exudes a longer-lasting and better impression. How about choosing a font, which helps in setting the tone for what the visitors expect from your website? It is crucial to have the right mix between scale and size.


6. Innovative Scrolling Techniques

Many website designers have experimented with different scrolling techniques over time. The use of horizontal and vertical scrolling on a website has become more or less redundant these days. Several brands are introducing their innovative and unique scrolling techniques for engaging their website visitors. Icons, photographs, images, and illustrations are increasingly being used for designing scrolling methods.

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