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Twitter- The New Step towards Online Success

April 17, 2009 |

In our last to last post “4 tips to Twitter your way to marketing glory”, we discussed mainly on how to use Twitter for marketing purpose. Not for nothing are some of the best known brands and top companies of the world such as Amazon, Dell, ESPN, Intel Software, CNN, Delta Airlines, New York Times and BBC to name a few, are using Twitter as part of their social media marketing (SMM) strategies . Twitter has proved to be one of the easiest and the most influential ways to reach your targeted audience. But it alone can’t do wonders, nor should it be considered the one and only platform for internet marketing, In fact, Twitter can be beneficial for you if it is used side by side along with other online marketing strategies such as SEO, SMO, PPC or Banner Ads. That is why Internet marketing services providing companies are using Twitter as an important tool in their SMMcampaigns. Here are some reasons why marketing experts are banking on Twitter for instant and powerful exposure: Instant access More and more people are joining the existing communities on Twitter or creating their own communities. Thus, once you become a member of Twitter you get instant access to all these active communities. You need to select the communities that might be useful for your business and join them. In short, you get to access millions and millions of people on the same platform without paying anything. Marketing your brand As soon as you become a member of Twitter you can start mingling with other communities and share with them valuable information related to your products or services. And you will soon find people also telling about their experiences and thus it becomes a starting point for marketing your brand. The more people “following” you, the more exposure your business gets. Networking On Twitter you get to meet people within your industry and who know about basics of the industry in and out. For example, if you are a web design and development outsourcing firm you can’t expect people from the textile industry to share something relevant related to your industry. Thus, Twitter helps you to meet people from backgrounds similar to yours and share ideas freely. Twitter has opened up some fascinating opportunities to work together on promoting each other’s ideas and sharing advices. Quick feedback and focused marketing  No matter what you want to share online you are certain to get instant feedback. Suppose you have launched a product line and want to know about the user’s feedback. Ask about it with just a click of the mouse and you would be surprised to know what people have to say about it.  Such feedbacks help you to understand customer response and you can accordingly improve your product or tweak your internet marketing campaign for better impact. Building direct traffic You can use Twitter any time for building traffic towards your web site. Twitter has been an increasing source of attracting traffic towards web sites, blogs, video posts, etc, over the past year or so. On Twitter, you can post a link to a blog post or press release or anything related to your web site. If people find it interesting they will definitely click on the link to know further. This way you can do more business and that too in an easy way. These are just some of the major benefits of Twitter. Well, there are many more which can be discovered with time. So, are you ready for twittering your way towards success? In case you are not sure what to do, take the help of some Internet marketing services company to help you build your online exposure through SMM, SEO and other internet marketing strategies.

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