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How Voice Search is Changing Online Business Optimization Scenario

January 24, 2019 | Wisitech InfoSolutions
You are finally home, tired from the day’s work and looking forward to relax for some time and watch your favorite show on the television. Instead of hunting under cushions or on the center table for the illusive remote control (which never seems to be where you left it last) you just say, “Alexa, please switch on the television.” And voila! Who needs that wretched remote control anymore anyway?

In another instance, you want to go to a movie on a Friday night. Instead of launching the app on your phone and browsing all the way through the show timings and the available movies, you just ask your Google Assistant with your voice to buy you movie tickets.

These two are some of the most basic examples of how voice search has been garnering popularity lately and are becoming more and more useful to the businesses as well as the consumers, especially when it comes to accessibility.

Though the voice search feature is quite new and still has to reach even anywhere near its conventional search counterpart, the fact can’t be denied that voice search has seen a significant leap in recent years, especially since various voice assistants have hit the market. The phenomenon started with iPhone’s Siri and has expanded to other devices like Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Online Business Optimization Scenario

With more apps integrating the voice search function, it is crucial that online businesses recognize the benefits and integrate the same in their respective apps in order to boost their sales and garner more customers.

To meet the expectations, digital marketers must start optimizing their online ventures for voice search queries. Here are three primary methods to implement it:

Emphasizing on conversational language keywords

It goes without saying that voice queries are way longer than the text queries that you type while asking the same question. Hence, integration of long term keywords are much needed in your business’s website and/or app content. Not only it will encourage more people to give it a try but also entice them to comfortably make their queries in a conversational manner. After all, instead of typing a boring ‘Search for Chinese restaurants near me’, asking ‘Cortana, where I can find decent medium spicy Chinese food around’ is always fun. Therefore, the keywords need to be formed accordingly.

Mobile devices-oriented optimization

More than the conventional laptops and personal computers, voice searches mostly occur on cell phones or similar devices. Therefore, optimizing your business website with a mobile-responsive design is of utmost importance. Besides it, certain other elements need to be taken care of too like improving loading speed of the website pages, enhancing the drop-down navigation menus, and formatting videos to automatically display in full-screen when the phone is held vertically. These improvements will make your website/app apt for all the features of voice searches.

How to Implement Voice Search

Use of short sentences with simple words

More often than not, the conversational language consists of simple words said in an informal manner, which is quite in contrast to the written search queries. The AI behind most kinds of voice searches understand the simple questions and translate them into search results conveniently. If your website has such simpler sentences, there is a good probability that its link will appear somewhere on top when the user will ask a question related to your business. If your website is able to provide concise content optimized for voice searches, the chances of your business website growing organically will also increase substantially.

Through the voice search is a still in its initial phase, the probability of it taking over the conventional search market is quite significant. Therefore, it is always better to be one step ahead and position your content to be up and ahead with the times.

Implementing the above-mentioned methods has a high probability of garnering positive results. When it comes to a precise search engine optimization, our team at Wisitech that consists of skilled SEO marketing professionals knows how the SEO strategy can be utilized and implemented in best way possible. No matter if it is voice search-related query or any other SEO issue, Wisitech is one of the best SEO companies out there that gets the job done, always. Online Business Optimization Scenario

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