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Wisitech specializes in designs and developing advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that feature latest technologies, appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools. Our applications are business-critical and fully equipped to face the challenges of constantly changing technologies. We also provide upgrades to existing applications by incorporating new features without interrupting the system’s operation.

Our SaaS applications are designed to help you synchronize business operations, manage and monitor your work flow seamlessly, simplify deployment and reduce customer acquisition costs. Our applications are robust, customizable tools structured and designed to help you best meet your particular requirements.

We present below a showcase of our latest creations, customized and developed for some of the leading brands such as Solo, Pustak Mahal and so on:
wCart – eCommerce Applications

Customised ecommerce shopping cart to help you buy and sell products/services over the internet with ease.

What’s special about wCart?
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Multiple online payment options.
  • Different kind of shipping methods
  • Reliable scripts with better security.
wisiSMS – SMS Campaign Management Applications

Our SMS campaign management application allows a company or organization to employ mobile SMS effectively to build and manage a direct communication channel among its people (between employers and employees; managers and teams; manufacturers and distributors, retailers, etc.). It is an integrated, customizable application for Direct Campaign Management. It has SMS push and PULL application with Computer telephony and VoIP integration.

What’s special about WiSMS?
  • Text SMS and Mobile Bar code coupon campaigns for all purposes.- Execution and management.
    • Interactive Promotional Campaign management
    • Instant access and full control of campaigns
    • Comprehensive subscription management with opt-in and opt-out features
    • Bulk messaging capabilities
    • Push and Pull SMS with keyword management.
  • Direct messaging and communication channel with supply chain and customers Via Sms, VoIP or CTI.
  • Application for profiling data for sending highly targeted campaigns.
  • Real time analytics and reporting for campaigns and marketing intelligence, ensuring High ROI.
wiOrder – Stock & Order Management Application

A ready, user-friendly application for Inventory and Order Management which can be customized for different industries such as publishing companies, manufacturing companies, etc.

What’s special about WiOrder?

The application contains various modules such as:

  • Stock management – handles existing stock (with add, update & delete features).
  • Order Management – keeps track of various orders placed by different customers and their status.
  • Account Management – it involves all the financial statistics and reports. And more…
wisiTest – E-Learning Modules

Customized E-Learning applications with built in modules designed to make online learning easy and interactive with online tests, resources such as previous exam papers, books and more PDF materials.

What’s special about WisiTest?

The application allows mentors and students to interact, teach, learn and assess in a user-friendly platform, with some innovative features:

  • Online chatting among students and mentors (Teachers/Professors).
  • Online subscription for different courses.
  • Online TEST facility.
  • Online exam details.
  • Question / Answer facility.
wisiMLM – MLM Applications

Customized Multi Level Marketing Applications, which can handle Uni-Level, Binary, 2×2 Recycled Matrix Plans.

What’s special about WisMLM?

You can run your MLM venture with ease online with WisMLM which offers comprehensive and user-friendly features such as:

  • Customer Registration with Payment facility (Paypal + E-Vouchers and more).
  • Board / Downline representation.
  • Messaging System.
  • E-Voucher Management.
  • Contact Manager for subscribers.
  • Support (Ticket) System.
  • Commission Management.
  • Forums
Wideo – Live Video Streaming

For the end user this application is just like an Internet TV with a difference – Normal TV viewing is just one way while with this application users can interact with the medium and other users.

What’s special about Wideo?
Internet TV Station with Media Scheduling

Users can create and broadcast their own personalized 24/7 internet TV station, schedule readymade, custom or live videos to be streamed at pre-determined times. Wideo lets end users enjoy and a thumbnail playlist with on-demand functionality.

Interaction – Users can interact with each other through forum and can talk about anything and everything with each other.

Entertainment value – Users can watch and download movies, movie trailers, music videos, popular TV shows, music reviews etc. without ever going near the TV or cinema hall.

News updates – Users can get latest news and events updates and watch the live news shows and get updated about what is happening around the world in real time.

Lifestyle improvement – Users can watch and download videos which can go a long way in improving the lifestyle.

Upload your own video – Users can not only watch videos but also can upload their own videos to share them with other users.

WisiQ – Online Quiz & Test Engine

A user-centric application Quiz and Assessment Program that lets you create customized online quizzes and tests and assign them to a department.

What’s special about WisiQ?

It offers a comprehensive set of features to help you start and manage the test with multiple users and export reports as well. You can:

  • Assign duration to a test
  • Add/Edit/Delete departments, questions, topics and users
  • Assign topic and difficulty level to a question
  • Assign users to a department
  • Import users and questions from CSV files
  • Export reports at department level, user level and global level
  • Backup your database anytime

What makes our applications score over others

  • Application is created by our dedicated and highly qualified team on platforms such as Java, PHP and .Net and Flex.
  • We develop and design all the core platform capabilities, tools, and programs necessary to create rich services oriented SaaS application.
  • User friendly, easily manageable and high functionality are the key attractions of the SaaS applications created by us.
  • Seamless integration and minimal loading time.
  • We create customized application development to meet client’s specific business requirements.
  • We create cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) which means it can be easily integrated into other web procedures.
  • We develop dynamic web application tools to ensure rapid releases and easy solution adaptability and scalability.
  • Security is something that we provide to all the SaaS application created by us.
  • In our rich internet applications you can find solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology.
  • All the SaaS applications are fully tested before final release.

What Else Do We Do?

We provide a spectrum of turnkey solutions in web development & web marketing, e-learning, graphics and multimedia development, internet positioning & branding and creative marketing over the net.

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