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Expand Business in India

Need Help With Your Project?
Wisitech India business expansion

You are seeking to expand into the new market space that offers the biggest potential in the world and you are prepared for it.

At Wisitech, we hold your hand, lead you, guide you, assist you, and nurture you to ensure your success.

In other words, this is our passion.

It’s About You

You have a viable product(s) as a manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative in:

  • consumer durables,
  • automotive components,
  • automotive aftermarket,
  • industrial catalyst or aftermarket,
  • or something you believe can break new ground in the rapidly emerging markets of India.

You Are

Prepared to expand rapidly increase your manufacturing output to meet the market demands.

Financially sound to enter into the venture and meet the financial commitment in the launching and the early stages.

Expand business in India

You have the Fire and Desire to Grow

India’s retail market size has space for new businesses to penetrate, strike roots and grow into profits:

  • currently estimated at about US$600 billion.
  • projected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 12%.
  • to reach US$1,000 billion by 2020.
  • With the world’s second largest population (more than 1.2 billion), India has a huge consumer base with increasing discretionary spending. (source: HKTDC Research)

Where we come in

  • We will do all relevant market research and study and provide a practical ground-real market viability project report
  • We will work as your partners and manage all aspects of product launch and performance and conduct all day to day activities, owning full responsibility
  • We are equipped to:
    • offer our consultancy including the market research study,
    • handle licensing and legal formalities,
    • appoint staff,
    • determine locations and
    • hand the keys to you of a ready-to-shoot business office or production facility, or what have you

Why Wisitech

  • We operate in varied manners, on fixed consultancy fees, or profit sharing, in partnerships, on commissions, as the relationship demands.
  • Experience and passion are our strongest points.
  • We have successfully worked upon projects involving automotive components, auto maintenance, e-commerce, herbal products, and many more.
  • We are down to earth realistic and we have the pulse of the market well in our hands.
  • Our success team of 30+ professionals includes Business Managers, Research Specialists, Legal Advisors, Project Managers, Marketing Gurus and more.
  • We have offices in India, Canada and the US.
  • We are well into our 18th year of operation.


Contact us with
  • your requirement
  • full details of your organisation,
  • the product and a brief note on what you aspire to achieve
  • We will ascertain a realistic viability within and inform you on how to proceed – this is absolutely FREE of cost.
  • Based on that we will chalk out the partnership, layout and progress plans with complete market study – meticulously drawn out step by step.
If you are not scared to face huge quantum jump in sales and profits…
Expand into India!
Tap into the Potential and Grow Your Market!

Recognitions & Awards

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