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Wondering why inspite of having a great product you are not getting the sales? Have you tapped your market potential fully? Reached out to your targeted customers? Built your brand as you had envisioned?

Web & Business Consulting Firm

We are headquartered in the new market space that offers the biggest potential in the world India. And our offices in Canada and the US are headed by experienced business advisors who understand the North American markets like the back of their hand. You get a 360 degree view of the most thriving markets. And the most effective business development solutions that will help you penetrate your markets deeper, wider and for long term sales growth.

You have the Fire and Desire to Grow

At Wisitech, we hold your hand, lead you, guide you, assist you, and nurture you to ensure your success in understanding and implementing your business growth strategies. In other words, this is our passion.

It’s About You

You have a viable product(s) or service(s) and you are looking for business consulting services for:

  • Expansion into new market segments,
  • Platforms, business ideas and initiatives to reach out to target audience
  • New technologies to make your products more accessible, visible and buyable
  • Cementing your place in the established markets of North America and Europe
  • Breaking new ground in the rapidly emerging markets of India.

You Are

Prepared to expand rapidly increase your manufacturing output to meet the market demands. Financially sound to enter into the venture and meet the financial commitment in the launching and the early stages.

Where we come in

  • Market Feasibility
    We will do all relevant market research and study and provide a practical ground-real market viability project report in online and offline possibilities for promotion and sales
  • How to Grow Your Business
    We will draw out for you the most effective, comprehensive and feasible business plans – comprising website, app, landing pages, mailers and all other areas that hold potential
  • Digital Marketing
    We will work as your partners and manage all aspects of the product promotion in the digital platform including digital marketing, online promotion, social media, search engine optimization and Facebook and AdWords paid campaigns
  • Amazon/ Etsy Shop
    We will help you set up your Amazon, Etsy or eBay account by offering thorough support in building your search engine optimized listings, Store, Enhanced Brand Content, FBA inventory and the works.

Why Wisitech

  • We operate in varied manners, on fixed consultancy fees, or profit sharing, in partnerships, on commissions, as the relationship demands.
  • Experience and passion are our strongest points.
  • We have successfully worked upon projects involving a wide spectrum of products and services from sunglasses to T-shirts, books to healthy food, refrigerators to automotive tools and many more.
  • We are down to earth realistic and we have the pulse of the market well in our hands.
  • Our success team of 50+ professionals includes Business Strategy Consultants, Research Specialists, Legal Advisors, Project Managers, Marketing Gurus and more.
  • We have offices in India, Canada and the US.
  • We are well into our 19th year of operation.


Contact us with
  • Your requirement
  • Full details of your organisation,
  • The product and a brief note on what you aspire to achieve
  • We will ascertain a realistic viability within and inform you on how to proceed – this is absolutely FREE of cost.
  • Based on that we will chalk out the partnership, layout and progress plans with complete market study – meticulously drawn out step by step.
If you are not scared to face huge quantum jump in sales and profits…
Expand into India!
Tap into the Potential and Grow Your Market!

Recognitions & Awards

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